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More Events and Fixes to Speedlists

by Buggy413

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More Events and Fixes to Speedlists

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So, I love the online aspect of the game and it’s great that drift speedlists got added, but I think we need more. Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) had so many creative ones, why is Payback limited to 3. It’s cool that we can use runners in races, but I think that should change because a runner beetle is op. Although I have beat higher ranked people who were using it with my R35, but that’s a different story. We need a mode to use drag cars on and a mode like cops and robbers where our runner cars are used and maybe the cops start as the crown Vic and then upgrade to the charger and then the c7 based on hits or takedowns or your runner becomes the cop car if you’re picked for that side. It could also be a mode where there’s one cop and a take-down converts the runner to a cop. I don’t know I’m trying to be creative but it’s sad not all the classes of cars are used online. Also, I think a fix needs to be included so that certain cars are just not blatantly the best. I think it makes sense the more expensive or derelict cars can be slightly stronger in events, but for example, the RSR 2.8 can be too strong or the runner beetle and things like that. This way people can use the car they love and not have to adjust just to win. Lastly, the respawns online are glitchy and I’ll respawn but then it’ll come drive me off a mountain just to respawn again and I’ll go from second to being 1,000 meters from being in 7th. Also, I’ve crashed into stuff not that hard and I’m still driving straight after and I’ll respawn and it’ll take like 10-15 seconds instead of the normal 1-3 which is not fair at all. I think a respawn button should be added too since I now have the respawn setting turned off so if we crash and it would have reset, we then have the option to drive it out or respawn and have like 5 seconds to make the choice or something. That is all!

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Re: More Events and Fixes to Speedlists

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So let me understand what you're saying as it's like a variety of topics in one post.

You want more options for a drift speedlist and you're not currently liking the limited 3 lists.

Let me start with this point here in that NFS Payback will not be having any more items added in this department of the game.

The new game will be released this year some time no date set yet, buy EA 3 show is this June 2019.

So keep your eye out for that live on Youtube. 


The second issue you had was you wanted drag cars used in cop chases

and to make drag cars cop cars where players can be the cop in a drag car.

This just won't be possible unless you make your drag cars look like a cop car and play in free roam with friends like that,

There is not drag cop cars in the game. 

However here are the top 15 fastest drag cars video just for the community.


Third, you don't care for the range of car top speeds and I agree with you many cars in the game are dispositional incorrect in max power.

EA always seems to have a way with making good cars perform poorly in this NFS series.

I know in the real world many of these cars if modified correctly can haul some heavy speed down the track.

Sadly EA just throws some cars in a game and we the consumers

get all excited only to become deflated quickly when our beloved cars race more like tuna cans with wheels.... LOL Large smile

I hope this helps you out.

Have a great day. High five

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