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Re: Matchmaking

by EA_dance210

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I am a levek 11 and i was matched againsta lvl 44! HOW IS THIS FAIR!?? He had beter units and higher lvl soo how am i going t p dedend when i have a lvl 7 titan against a lvl 9 or 10! Fix this pls

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Re: Matchmaking

EA Community Manager

Hi @JimBoy076,


Thank you for your thoughts.


There are a few different ways that players progress in this game.


1. Matchmaking. Players progress through the leagues by earning Medals for battle victories. Players are generally matched within their League, although there are times when you may be matched with a higher or lower league. There is also a unit cap within each league. Depending on the average unit level for each player and the level cap of the League, a Challenge Battle may trigger. If you're doing an awesome job and rising up the league ranks quickly, you likely will encounter players who have higher level units, up to the level cap for that league. What league are you currently in?


2. Player Level. Recently introduced in Update 1.2, players now gain level by experience (XP) earned in battles, completing bounties, leveling and training units. These player levels unlock rewards and, at certain levels, unlock units that will become available in crates. If you're having difficulty with particular unit(s) please feel free to let us know. Usually, the counter to certain units unlock earlier, giving players ways to deal with tricky units.


If you have any other questions, please let me know.

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