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Match Earnings during Web App launch

by MaMoza1986

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Match Earnings during Web App launch

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So I am really wondering, EA has launched yesterday the FIFA 20 Web App only and yet the launch of early access is to be launched later today. However, I have seen the leaderboard and noticed that some players have already earned over 50,000 in coins from Matches in Ultimate Team. If the game has not been launched yet and no one is able to play the game and earn coins from matches, how is it possible that those players have already accumulated coins from matches? Do some players have advantages over others by granting them earlier access than the rest of the world. and if this is the case, how come we still consider FIFA a fair competitive E-Sport game?

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Re: Match Earnings during Web App launch

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Hey there,


I have asked myself the same exact thing. As #1 in FIFA 19 in the Match Earnings Leaderboard on PC for roughly the 1st 20 hrs it is imperative to me that stats are not being tampered with because tbh what's the point in grinding hrs upon hrs if players start with a 30-60k coin lead?


I would also love to get an answer to the afforementioned question why the leaderboard is not wiped yet and whether the plan is to delete all existing stats before launch or what the hell is happening here?


Thanks in advance for answering!

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