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Marketplace for Skins (Instead of a Limited # in Exchange) Request

by ISterlingArcher

Original Post

Marketplace for Skins (Instead of a Limited # in Exchange) Request

Instead of the current 4-5 item Exchange, I'm requesting that we replace it with an entire marketplace where players can purchase all skins. Players will be more inclined to play for scraps, as they'll have a goal or purpose for the scraps they earn and accumulate. Right now, a lot of players seem to "give up" on accumulating skins because it's so random and seldom obtained. After buying all of the weapons, there really isn't anything else to use the scraps for other than the occasional skin or battlepack (true, there are squad xp boosts and puzzle pieces to purchase, but many players already get these via battlepacks). 


If rarity is an issue, instead of selling any and all skins, their availability can be regulated so that they're available if and only if other players sell their scraps. New skins can get added to the overall pie via players earning battlepacks and selling any skins they don't want from them. Furthermore, Super Rare skins can be eliminated from regular purchase to keep its rarity in check, with perhaps the occasional Super Rare offerings in the Marketplace.


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Re: Marketplace for Skins (Instead of a Limited # in Exchange) Request

Community Manager
Hi @ISterlingArcher, Thanks for the feedback! Standard smile

I have sent this on to the team!



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