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Map rotation

by kristalshards

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Map rotation

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I don’t know where to post this so DICE can see it but is it possible to request to change maps in Ops/Conquest more frequently and to a wider variation? I think lots of people would agree with me on this, just wondering if it’s possible to change this map rotation system?

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Re: Map rotation

You mean that there´s not enough variation in BF1´s map vote system?

At least 1 of the 2 possible maps should change after each round.

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Re: Map rotation

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No, I mean that Operations map rotate once per two weeks or 20 days, not sure which one it is, so I believe they should be rotated quicker than that. For example we've got the Brusilov Offensive and Red Tide for 2 weeks now, would be nicer if they stayed for 1 week at most and have other Operation campaigns coming in.

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