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Re: Manual Control

by a-logan

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Manual Control

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You have in the game there is a football simulator, which i want to play! It's manual contro! But in the game you do not develop it at all! Why? Add it to FUT! Add competitions and tournaments! More prizes and awards! I just don't understand why you can't do it.!

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Re: Manual Control

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Example. Squad battles. Why not take into account if you play on manual control? I believe, that should be added the rate or bonus complexity if you you play on manual control!JEjoNVa8cVw2323.jpg

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Re: Manual Control

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Manual control should be added in FUT. Manual control - a simulator of football!

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Re: Manual Control

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Read your forum! A lot of people are asking for it. Why can't you do it?

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Re: Manual Control

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Nothing to answer?! @EA_Darko

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Re: Manual Control

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For the love of anything. Will someone from EA please respond as to why there isn't even a filter option on FUT like regular seasons?

It's such a simple implementation as theoretically it's using the same system already in use on another mode

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Re: Manual Control

Community Manager

Hey @a-logan,


Thank you for the feedback Standard smile


You just linked a massive thread on the "other" FIFA forums and we're always gathering the feedback and passing it on. You might not always get a reply because there's a lot of stuff happening in the background but I can see why this can be frustrating.


I've also poked @EA_Andy about this, even though he betrayed AHQ and is now posting on the FIFA Forums Wink





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