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Madden Plays Like A Arcade than A Simulation These Are The Madden Headaches !


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I can make a Better Madden Than This Game & I Will make The Real Thing !

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You can tell when Madden is Cheating .. because you can see the [ Slight Of Hand ] .. things that Madden do Purposely .. that it should not be doing .. when it comes to playing this game .. because everything doesn't go your way .. and the CPU is Responsible for it .. because the Pendulum is not" Swinging " your way .. but more for the other team .. that it makes you miss your mark .. or your players are not performing .. or little things that the game does .. that it should not be doing .. I can't stand how this game gets away with everything .. because this game..  and others Madden Games like  it before it 16 - 17 - 18 .. and now 19.. always seem to Cheat for the other team .. and I will make sure that it's up to par .. and deliver the goods like a ol fashion game .. and nobody getting away with everything .. and everything will be on EQUAL GROUND .. so that if you Win .. you Earned It .. and if you lose .. you lose like a Man .. without the Cheating Antics that Madden let other teams get away with everything .. and Cut Out The Cheating in this game .. it would be like playing on the PS2 with the Colts vs the Cowboys with Peyton Manning and his Fabulous Running back .. or the one with Ray Lewis on the Cover .. because these last few years has been under FAVORITISM .. and the CPU Is Behind It !!

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Now this is Purely FAVORITISM !! .. Because ? .. This Game 19 is Horribly Wrong ! .. because the Receivers are getting Special Treatment .. and nobody should be catching everything .. from pass in Record Numbers .. like there is " No Way " that Any Receivers .. should be Catch Every Pass like that .. from Short To Long .. because there has to be a fight for the ball .. but it seems that the Defense has Bowed Down to the Offense .. because each pass are being caught in Tight or Double Coverage with No Problems at all .. and as I recall .. Nobody .. I Repeat NO'oooo .. BODY'eeee.. should be catching any pass that are covered .. PERIOD !!!!

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The CPU Controls & Dictate The Game & You Don't !

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What ever happened to Total Control in this game .. well that went out the window when you play this game .. I mean like even on Kickoffs the Game Slows Down .. and then it speeds up .. like say that you got an Interception .. the CPU will control your Man weather you run in the direction of the controller .. you try to run right .. the CPU make you run left .. you make the catch and try to turn up field ? the CPU will force you " Out Of Bounds " .. and the same thing you try to make a move ? the CPU deny you that purpose .. like you can't even use the L1 Button for a High Pass .. the CPU make you throw a " Short Pass " its like Ridiculous how this game perform .. like out of 4 games that I played .. the CPU kept Dictating the game .. like missing throws .. that I should have hit .. but then you are exposed .. because you are trying to play a game .. while the CPU is Manipulating it .. like Why I didn't make that pass ? .. or why didn't the O-Line didn't make that Block ?.. because the CPU made the call .. and the Pendulum is : Swinging Against You .. and it's not in your favor !

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Re: Why Madden keeps Cheating for certain teams !!!!

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Can't our virtual players just all get along?

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Re: Why Madden keeps Cheating for certain teams !!!!

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Please'zzz .. everyone knows that Madden Cheats Deliberately .. like I don't just make this up ? .. I actually play .. and is the Madness unfolds 

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Re: Why Madden keeps Cheating for certain teams !!!!

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Preach, brother.
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