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Madden Plays Like A Arcade than A Simulation These Are The Madden Headaches !


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Madden Plays Like A Arcade than A Simulation These Are The Madden Headaches !

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[Edit - Admin.] that the CPU just Runs Amuck for .. like Jack'D Up Passes for no reason .. and it won't cover on Defense .. the Defense  Run away from the Pass/Run .. Top Many Easy Dropped Balls .. because it does this deliberately for the other team .. the O-Line won't Block for certain teams .. like they just only HOLD .. while the Elite Teams Actually BLOCK .. but won't Block PERIOD For a Regular Team !! .. or these Popup Catches that goes.. " Up In The Air " .. STRAIGHT to the other team .. and Especially when it does this .. Snoopy Like Hit .. like With Both Feet Goes In The Air .. and that ball Floats in the Air .. and the Defense Pounces on it .. like that doesn't happen at all .. yes sometimes it slightly happens like 2% of the time .. but other than that .. IT JUST DON'T HAPPEN  .. and the ball don't Float to the Defense Period !! .. and most of all .. the pass don't got Directly to the Defense .. like nobody don't deliberately throwns to the Defense PERIOD !! .. like every QB  Can Throw an Accurate Pass .... a few Bad Ones .. but they are not " AIMING " at the Defense Period !!! ..  like some games are so close.. that Teams just go at it .. and Madden is about Favoritism and Ratings .. [Edit - Admin.]

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Madden will Screw up Your Pass to Expose that play if you try to do it again ?

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FAVORITISM !!! .. I'll say that Madden does .. because when you have that Open Receiver .. and you see that he's running the route .. that he's running .. because the other team hit their Receivers all day .. while you keep throwing Out Of Bounds .. or To The Dirt .. or Flat Out Miss That Receiver Constantly .. because Madden Is Playing You .. and setting you up for the fall .. like the Pendulum Swinging .. and it's not in your favor .. like you are about to score and that open Receiver is to catch the Rock .. but the pass is Obiterated .. so you try to do the same play .. but the Defense already saw it ? .. so they know what you are running ? .. so all they have to do is sit back and wait for the ball ? .. and guess what ? .. IT'S PICKED OFF .. but since the CPU keeps Screwing Up the Pass that .. the pass that should have hit the Receiver should have done so .. but MADDEN WON'T LET YOU .. because of FAVORITISM .. because it keeps Cheating Constantly .. and Purposely because its Programmed and Designed to do so .. because they don't want their Precious Elite Teams to lose so it will .. Do What It Must To Stop You .. You Know Why'ee BECAUSE IT'S MADDEN FOOTBALL .. BECAUSE IF CHEATING IN THE GAME .. IT'S IN THE GAME !!!

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Have you ever see the game slow down .. for no appearance reason ? .. and the CPU takes over to Manipulate the game .. and it's all in "SLOW MOTION " because the CPU Is Behind It .. like you hike the ball .. and all of a sudden .. the game just Slows down without your control .. because it's not your doing .. IT'S ALL CPU .. giving the Momentum to the other team to Manipulate the game .. when it should just playon a  regular basis !

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Like you have a pass that you want to throw ? but you see that the Defense is playing the middle of the field ? .. but your Receiver is Running A Post Play .. but the Defense is in the middle of the field .. and Madden Sucks in this Department ? .. that the Receiver is Super Open .. so that you would throw a regular pass .. but all of a sudden it's "PICKD OFF " by the Defense .. like they are waiting on the pass .. so you rely on the .. { L1 } Pass .. to throw the ball over their heads .. but for some reason .. THIS FREAKING BUTTON HARDLY WORKS !!!

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Have you ever play against certain teams that seems to get away with EVERYTHING !!!.. like the ball just swings their way no matter what you do .. the game is playing against you .. when the game should be on Equal Ground .. like even the game would slow down .. or they would slow your Man down deliberately .. or the Defense Sleeps .. or the Receivers are Unconscious when the pas is coming .. or too many dropped balls .. the game won't block .. etc. .. because the CPU is against you .. and will do what it takes to cheat for that team .. and even shut you down !

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Changing The Play On Offense Is Strictly TOO FREAKING SLOW !

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If you are in Shotgun .. or in regular position .. to change the play .. IT STRICTLY SUCKS  !!!! .. do too many things while taking so Darn Freaking Long to do so .. like it Stalls when you try to switch to another play .. like this is not Turtle Football so this should move right along .. and not in slow motion after you change the play .. so when you try to hike the ball .. it's in SUPER SLOW MO VISION .. LIKE READY ......... HUT ..... HUT ... HUT ... Like it shouldn't take that long !!!!

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How Can A Defensive Player Dive for the Ball When he is Nowhere Near The Pass !

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How The Heck Does this happen .. and Madden need to fix this Headache of a game .. now picture this your Receiver is either Running a Post Route .. weather he is in the middle of the field .. or playing the corners running his route .. now the Receiver is Blazing Past the [ Cornerback / Safety ] .. and he is now 7 yards ahead of the Defender  .. and the pass from the QB comes Thrusting out of the Pocket .. and Straight to the Receiver .. that is actually Beating the [ Cornerback  / Safety ] .. then all of a sudden the Defensive player " DIVES " for the ball ? .. and catches up to the ball and the Receiver with a Simple Dive ? .. and the Receiver is running Top Speed downfield .. and How Can a Man Dive for the Ball when he is clearly Beat Downfield .. and NO MAN .. I Repeat .. No Man Can DIVE 10 feet to the ball .. because it is Impossible to do .. now I thought that Madden was a Legitimate Game that plays like the Real Deal .. but we have been Bamboozled by the Cheating Antics Of Crappy Madden ARCADE GAME .. because it doesn't really play like a Simulation .. it plays more like a Cheating Arcade Game .. because these things don't happen in real life .. so why is this " GARBAGE Happening .. like they should stop saying that it's in the game .. when they should say that it's not a real Football Simulation game .. they should say that it's plays Arcade-Ish Game Play with a side of Cheating Antics that comes with it.. so MADDEN FIX YOUR CRAPPY CHEATING GAME !!!! 

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I Want to Highlight my own Man on Defense Without the CPU Doing So !

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I play my Man on Defense and I either play for the [ Pass ] or the [ Run ] .. so when the PASS RUN IN COMING .. And the [Receiver - Running Back -Tight End ] is open and I'm on Defense .. and the Receiver makes the catch .. so I didn't highlight No One Yet .. but the CPU did .. and it keeps Interfering with my Game Play .. Clicking on my Defensive Player TOO EARLY .. like I didn't ask for it's help .. but it does this Anyways .. so I go Straight to the Setting to Cut That Option OFF  .. so I go directly to the Game Play .. and it does it again .. like WHAT GIVES ?!? .. like why is the CPU Manipulating The Game ? .. like I don't need your help .. Thank You Very Much !! .. but you keep doing it anyways and keep Disrupting my Game Play With Your Cheating Antics .. and there is NO WAY OF Stopping .. Or Cutting This Option OFF .. and especially on the Defensive Flip to the Defensive Side of the ball .. like those Options just doesn't work .. PERIOD !!

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Why Madden keeps Cheating for certain teams !!!!

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FAVORITISM Is What I Call It !!! .. Like Gimmie A Freaking Break with all this Massive Cheating by the CPU ..  because Madden is a Cheating Mechanism when you play against certain teams .. that they get away with EVERYTHING PURPOSELY  .. like the CPU will caters to that team .. and will run Amuck on you .. and Screw you Over on every turn .. like Slow the Game down on kickoffs .. and on Runs and Pass plays .. that you can be in position to Intercept the ball .. and the CPU will do a Slight Of Hand Craziness .. and make you Highlighted Man do something Stupid .. or clearly miss that catch .. or Too Many Dropped Pass .. or it won't Block on Offense .. or Run Strange Routes .. when you know how the design route is .. but the CPU will make that Receiver run something different than that route .. or Horrible Passes and missing the mark .. and my All Time Favorites .. STRAIGHT TO THE DEFENSE .. or the Defense acts like it's Covering their Man or their positions .. and clearly not doing what they suppose to do .. like I like Elite Teams .. but they don't need no special favors that the CPU keeps supplying these teams .. like let them lose like everyone else .. and stop the Blatantly Underhanded Cheating .. because it's Designed .. Synchronized .. Scripted .. Programmed .. and Manipulated to do so !!!

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Re: Why Madden keeps Cheating for certain teams !!!!

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Sports titles in the EA collective have what's called "dynamic difficulty"; it's there to make the game more balanced/interesting but there isn't any script outright forcing you to lose. You were just unlucky, it happens.

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