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Franchise DLC of Madden 21

by imapotato1975

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Madden 21 Franchise Mode

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Bit concerned at no new info about franchise mode, surely this hasn’t been forgotten about again and is just a copy and paste of M20, when we will be expecting some news on it? 

I don’t play MUT and have been waiting for years for a franchise upgrade but don’t think this will be the year. I bought every madden game from 94 onwards but this might be the first year I give it a miss if they can’t improve the most played game mode. 

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Franchise DLC of Madden 21

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Something friends and I have discussed


Why doesn't EA just do a DLC of their sports games that SOLELY focuses on Franchise Mode?


That way, patches for MUT and online would not interfere with Franchise and vice versa. They could also focus on gameplay and money making endeavors for the main title while saving Franchise for right before Week 1


EA, if you want to hire me to project manage this and make you billions, my starting salary is 225k  and a smoothie machine

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Things Franchise Players WANT in Madden 21

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Please feel free to add any 


1- Team next to career stats, duh. As well as a transaction tab to see their injuries, contracts, cuts

2- Better scouting with an ability to choose a 'randomness factor' Almost all top picks become major players in 3 years 

4- COACHES - I am not sure if this is a union thing or a union wanting money thing but the old system of  HC-OC-DC-ST was nice as was some retired players becoming coaches. Coaches should also have the same archetypes and abilities like the players now

5- Why put in the LS if you make them less than 50 overall and they get cut?  make a damn attribute just for that position and the AI looks to fill it with 1 roster spot

6- Speaking of that...can we stop using QB2 for FG holder? That is a job 90% of punters perform. Again make up an attribute that only QB/K/P have and make it rare for the first two to have it

7- Let me control BOTH teams! My favorite part of Franchise mode is Preseason when I control both teams at the start of each quarter and put in 1st string/2nd string et al or I like to play as one team 1st half, other team 2nd half. BTW, we used to have Preseason battles where close OVR players were shown 

8-  Let us determine the 'evolution' of the league by having total modifiers. If I want to bring back I form running strategy, let me say passing totals should be reduced by about 10,000 and rushing yards increased by 8,000

9 - Better injuries and time database. A strained sternum is not 22 weeks and a partially torn PCL is not 7 weeks Plus depending on the player's position it might affect them less or more. Also, more injuries. Just get a database of NFL injury reports for last 3 years & calculate average time off. Then we should have probable/doubtful/out

10 - Custom Playbook FFS. Get rid of CFM (hardly anyone plays it) or take my advice and put Franchise as DLC and let us create playbooks/stadiums/logos

11 - Fix Auto subs...or if they do work, let us know HOW because it doesn't for most. Most don't play 15 minute Qtrs, so EA should have a guide of how the Fatigue setting can work with auto subs to get a nice HB/WR/DL rotation or else WHY do I even have a 53 man roster? 

12 - Formation subs is become more of a pain in every new edition. It used to be easy to see Formation A had 3 run plays and 10 pass plays, 3 of them being HB targets, thus...we could sub our receiving back in that one formation. Now it is going through every drop down

13 - Fix your draft classes and stop relying on users to do it. Some years we should get a WR class, some years a QB class, some years the top picks suck and stars are in the 3rd to 6th rounds many years it is only serviceable players 2nd rnd onwards , 

 14- Stick the DJ Khalid garbage out the window

15- Maybe get some Apple blatant product placement instead of Microsoft so that things like THE KICK METER DISAPPEARING doesn't happen

16 - Update the terminology and schemes.  ROLB/MLB/LOLB  is outdated, you are on the right path with scheme and players archetype fit, build on it

17- Let us edit EVERY attribute on players for any team on Franchise aside from their personal info. Talking about xfctors and superstar abilities here

18- Yes, you have Commish role but what about God mode? Offline Franchise is #1 play mode I shouldn't have to create 32 owners and then have them auto everything to decide my league's Vikings are killing themselves by keeping a HB that has fumbled 8 times in 6 games as #1 just because he is rated 76 and his backup is rated 72 and fixing their depth chart

19 - restructure contracts  - it happens ALL the time 

20 - compensatory picks - it happens ALL the time

21 - Home field advantage and crowd size.  If I miss the playoffs 6 seasons I should have moderate crowd size but still have a slight boost when playing home. If I am 2-8 my crowd size should be nearly empty. If I missed the playoffs for 8 years and then make it with a good record, my crowd size should be HUGE with slight advantages

 22- Better commentary, use voice actors instead of paying NFL broadcasters or have some of the programmers or other team members be announcers (2 teams of 2 to not become repetitive) , sideline reporters , halftime report. We don't care about the name, we care about the quality . For preseason, just have a 1 person booth and have 2 male staffers and 2 female staffers call various games in preseason for variety (they could also voice sideline or Halftime shows during the season) That would be cheaper and easier than getting expensive boring broadcasters who sound like they don't want to be in the booth saying lines, anyway

23 - relocation fix - if i move Tampa Bay to Memphis, I should still be able to use the old Bucs uniforms as throwbacks like Tennessee does with Oilers

24- Get rid of that Twitter garbage, bring back the radio show with news articles

25 - FA should be a real time bidding war


Lastly look at Madden 2012 & NCAA 14, your predecessors knew basic things to put in Franchise and over reacted to why people hated 13 and went in a very different direction. 


And like I have stated in another thread, Franchise players WOULD PAY for a Franchise DLC where we get our wants without it breaking due to patches


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Re: Madden 21 Franchise Mode

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That cannot be it surely? 

Just looked at the gridiron notes for regular franchise and they have ignored us again. A lot of depth in the description of face to the franchise and then normal franchise gets a few bullet points all of these things are small changes and not the deep immersive mode we were all looking for. Terrible job Madden really disappointed

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Re: Madden 21 Franchise Mode

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Its clear they don't care and they aren't listening to the proper fan base. EA would rather enhance Arcade mode aka MUT and keep pushing effort into individual mode. Either play the mode we said we upgraded or play the one the makes us money. Fully ignored the pleading of the same mode for the last 5 years.

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Intentionally not improving Franchise Mode.

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Don't ask for honest feedback about Franchise mode overhaul and then give us absolutely nothing. Disappointed in you EA. You're only concerned with MUT game play concerns and force feeding your adventure mode with Face of the Franchise. Extremely disappointed in the fact you truly don't care about your Franchise Base.

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Madden 21Franchise mode

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This is terrible 

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Re: Madden 21 Franchise Mode

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It's disgraceful really. 7 bullet points ? Mostly all just simple fixes that could be patched after the game is launched. Neglected again. There's only one way to change this, don't buy. 

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Finally a reaction for EA

[ Edited ]
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Well ea, thank you for acknowledging your consumer base and their apparent dissatisfaction with Madden 21, specifically, Franchise mode and it's not even on the market yet. So, here's the thing. I'm sure you've heard the sayings, "talk is cheap" and "actions speak louder than words". Well, lets see how much you guys actually have listened to your customers. Are you just paying lip service, OR, are you going to actually do something and make the improvements in Franchise. Will you put in our suggestions to make Franchise mode, more immersible, or is it going to be the same humdrum of the past, and leave it like it's a board game. Take it out, play it, and put it away. That's not at all what the Madden Franchise community wants. They/we want to be swept up in the game, playing all the parts, making the decisions, playing the games, and more. So, here's what I'm recommending to everyone out there. Until, the game shows any promise of living up to OUR expectations, and the proof is laid out for all too witness, should anyone consider buying the game. Again, actions speak louder than words. We'll wait and see.

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Re: Finally a reaction for EA

Community Manager

Hey, all.


Updates on what is coming to Franchise mode for Madden 21 & 22 can be found here:


Feedback in that thread is greatly appreciated!

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