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Re: Madden 20 suggestions update

by BLVD69

Original Post

Madden 20 suggestions update

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MADDEN 20 suggestions

-New broadcast team (Jim Nantz, Greg Gumble, Ian Eagle, Tony Romo)

-CBS,Fox,espn,nbc,nfl network broadcasting

-Sideline Halftime and post game interviews

-Medical staff comes out to field for injuries

-Different ref face scanning and refs actually throw flag

-Bring back Coin flip on field

-player happiness (MLB the show)

-Bring back QB vision from madden 06

-Bring back weapons category from madden 08

-SuperBowl post game redo and celebration( t shirt, hats presentation of trophy walk, mvp presentation)

-Starting line up introductory presentations (cbs, fox, nbc,espn)

-Bring back pro bowl

-AFC/NFC trophy presentations

-Too many men on the field penalty; illegal use to hands penalty, 10 sec run off, illegal contact,

-unsportman like conduct



-Injured reserved for franchise mode

-Pre existing injuries in franchise mode

-QBR added to stats presentation

-End of game meet at the field with coaches and security staff/exchange jerseys

-Training camp drills

-Practice jersey for franchise mode

-Arrival to stadium presentations

-Plays(flea flicker/rb direct snap/WR pass)

-Use practice players in practice mode for franchise

-Milestone tracker in franchise mode

-Coach firing based on performance

-Kicker readiness during 2 min warning, end game or OT (MLB the show)

-QB readiness before game; 1-5 throws (MLB the show)

-Double team receivers instead of cover 2

-Bring back fight for fumble

-Players hold football at kickoff if to windy

-Introduce NFL combine mode during off season instead of long shot story line

-NFL draft presentation for your #1 pick

-Offsetting penalties/ fouls by both teams

-Bring back player pump up/quite crowd with R3 button

-1st down and 4th down celebrations

-Endzone pylon camera angles

-Skycam angle

-Compensatory draft picks

-Power rankings during franchise mode

-Players Positioning by (LB, QB, SAFTEY) defensive and offensive players signal in motion for alignment

-Super Bowl team entrance with theme song

-Sideline Coats when rainy or cold

-Incentives in contracts for franchise mode

-Guards can tap center for snap count at noisy stadiums

-post game media press conference (NBA 2k)

-Better half time previews and casting (NFL espn2k5)

-redo stadium attendance( not every stadium is full, blow outs fans leave)


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Re: Madden 20 suggestions update

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Re: Madden 20 suggestions update

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If I could add, for franchise mode a nice suggestion would be as a Commissioner of the league with friends you can approve or reject trades from the whole league among friends.
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Re: Madden 20 suggestions update

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the game just needs to be about football period.

the game has become too stuffed with details that it has taken away the reason why we play, to begin with.

It's about football and some simple broadcasting is all we need.

Thanks for sharing.

Have a nice day. High five

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