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Madden 20 simulated kicking

by JRMark86

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Madden 20 simulated kicking

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Madden 20 Dev Team,

Can you please do something about the simulated kicking in Face of the Franchise mode? I am playing my 3rd season through with the Dolphins and, when stopped and forced to kick, my kicker is 2 for 30 or so on short field goals inside the 10yd line, has about 20 blocked field goals, and the team frequently calls a fake pass or run instead. The only time the kicker usually makes the kick is between the 15-30yd line. Overall, my team’s kicker usually has stats like 6 for 20 FG and misses a few extra points each season. It would be great if my kicker could make 70% or more of his field goals like a real NFL kicker, especially inside the red zone. The game has been great otherwise, thanks!

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Re: Madden 20 simulated kicking

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I have a similar issue, except mine it looks like my team doesn't even attempt a FG when close to the goal line. It looks it just changes possession. When I look at stats it doesn't show a FGA or a turn over.

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Re: Madden 20 simulated kicking

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@JRMark86 I don't have the issue with the missed FGs, but they almost always go for it on 4th, but I don't actually get to play it. If the coach is going to go for it 75% of the time (which is unrealistic), I should at least get to play the down.
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Re: Madden 20 simulated kicking

Community Manager

Thanks for raising this to our attention we'll make sure it gets tracked down. The team fixed a similar issue with the scrambling QB stats in the last update.


  • Fixed an issue preventing scrambling QB’s from accruing the appropriate amount of rushing yards when using Supersim

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Re: Madden 20 simulated kicking

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Please fix this in QB1. On fourth down in the red zone the Sim always calls a fake field goal. I'm loosing games because my team is leaving 3-9 points on the board. Extremely frustrating and making the mode unplayable.

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