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Madden 19 glitches and suggestions

by shaughnmalca134

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Madden 19 glitches and suggestions

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2 things have bothered me with madden 19. 1st the announcers are never right. When I score a running touchdown on like 1st or 2nd down it would say “ and last time they completed the 4th down play for a touchdown. When I pass with my starting QB it talks about passing with someone other than the QB and a few other mistakes when announcing. 2nd and the one that bothers me the most is the lineman can’t block worth of *. When I run a toss play the pulling guard always run up to the first defender and then just moves out of the way and allows me to get hit in the backfield. I’ll sometimes be tackled way downfield by a defensive lineman when my reciever has a 99 speed. There is a ton more glitches in this game then there was in madden 18. The other day the computer had an incomplete pass and showed that their QB had no completed passes yet they gave them the 1st down. I scored a TD and they marked me down at the 1 so I challenged it and it said the ruling in the field was reversed  yet they still didn’t give me my touchdown. My TE keeps running back the wrong way. And when I try and catch or recover the ball on a punt return my dude keeps tweaking and flopping all over by the ball. A improvement I would like to see is giving the kicker credit for his new record kicks. I somehow made a 70 yard field goal yet it still says his furthest was a 57 yarder and I would like to see them update the Super Bowl year’s. Like when I win a Super Bowl add that to the stadium. For example I play with the packers and I have won the super bowl the last 3 years but it shows 2010 as the last year of winning. Could you somehow add to the game and show the most recent Super Bowl I have won?

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