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Madden 19 Companion App Issues

by wheatjaw

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Madden 19 Companion App Issues

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I left a review for the companion app that was one star. EA reached out and asked for me to "drop a line with further details about my experience." SO here goes.....First a little background I am commissioner of an online franchise. We run 12-16 players for the last 3 years. We all try to use it but it is so lacking in features for Connected Franchise its almost pointless. You can basically only use it to ready up and see who you can play this week. I asked my league what they think is most frustrating about the app and here is what I got from my users:


  • App crashes or won't open on droid and apple. This has improved in February but occasionally we have had to uninstall and reinstall the app still.
  • More features. EA has added a lot of support for MUT but nothing for the Franchise community. Users should be able to do almost all the things in the "Things to do section" in the franchise menu. i.e. upgrade players, sim training, accept trade offers (or at least see them) resign players....
  • See stats! Check out this website....It's completely free and from a 3rd party and does way more than the companion app:
  • Be able to view rosters
  • See the schedule for this week, previous weeks, and future weeks
  • A message system in the app...we use WhatsApp..thinking about switching to Discord. But why wouldn't we use what you give us if its good.

So we really hope you listen to this feedback. It is a lot but i think even if some were to improve or be offered all your franchise players would be very excited.

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Re: Madden 19 Companion App Issues

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Appreciate the honest review and feedback for improvements. Thank you, @wheatjaw!


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