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Jump physics for laughters and broken counters for side bets

by SpirosFX

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Jump physics for laughters and broken counters for side bets

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  I've noticed for quite sometime now, an idiotic physics behavior, which is very obvious, that it was adopted from criterion games and nfs mw 2013, but it's terribly annoying.


  The car is running, ramp to the left or right in few meters, the player is turning to the ramp and jumps while turning.... but while actual physics law, says that the object will preserve the rotation while in the air, in this game (and earlier in nfs mw of criterion), their mind says, that the car will straighten up as soon as it gets in the air........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  Idk....maybe they want to write their own physics laws and enforce them through games or they just never went pass the basic grade school, so they were never taught of essential physics in usual situations. In anyway, it makes me sick when i've seen proper physics behavior (when there was no effort of physics application) in older titles and a mess in nfs mw 2013 and payback. Ridiculous!


  And to another issue, with side bets. Dear devs, did u ever check your object hit and near miss counters? Don't answer (not that u would), i'll tell u.......NO u haven't. When i have succesfully passed next to continuous ai cars in a row of 2-3-4 of them, but the counter sees 1 or 2, despite that my distance from them was correct, it means it's broken.......when i hit 5-10-20 objects in a row but i see....... barely 5.. i'm getting crazy !!!!!!!!!


  When i see that nearly 80-100 people "worked" on this game and yet all we get is sloppy work, quickie.... i seriously want to hit them badly, them and any game developer like them, who are bored and just want to get some money with minimum effort. They should be in other jobs, to see what it really means to work hard to get half of the money they get in there, only then they would appreciate money and reconsider who they moke, in this case, us, their customers.


  My last purchase was 4-5 years ago before this one from EA, my next might be 5-6 years ago later from now. I prefer my money to go to smaller companies who actually care to offer quality work, just like there were some back in 1990-2005, among them EA who cared then to become known by trying more, before becoming what people see today.

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Re: Jump physics for laughters and broken counters for side bets

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Fantastic post and I really can't add too much to what you clearly pointed out!

Just that I agree with you.

Take care and keep the good comments coming!

I like your bold honesty and this is a positive to this community with feedback like this!

Have a good day! 

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Re: Jump physics for laughters and broken counters for side bets

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@SpirosFX  I totally support you! Generally Ghost games have no idea about the laws of physics and NFS Payback with this all terrible! Drift in NFS Payback terrible and ridiculous it even and drift competitions you will not call it rat races who goes the first that and wins on a set of points and it is full nonsense. Crew 2 game is even worse but the point is that NFS is a legendary series and it must meet the requirements of modern games NFS should be the best game in its genre but EA does not want to be the best.

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Re: Jump physics for laughters and broken counters for side bets

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That's what I thought too about EA and thier failure to give the NFS gaming community a proper game shows thier lack of focus, dedication and instead shows us how greedy and selfish as a monster company they have grown to.

I know many in our community feel and rightfully so feel cheated out of money for a many NFS titles that promised the moon but gave many people short advantage. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 

Have a great weekend. 😁👍

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