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Item limit

by badboybren

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Re: HOUSES: Limitations & Suggestions

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I don’t care for this item limit, I log on, do quests and one of them is to buy something for my home, yet I have to move something into my inventory, then buy something I don’t even want, then put it directly into the already overwhelming inventory and get my original item out. Either get rid of the daily quest to buy more items for the home or the item limit. Having both is really contradictory to each other. 🤔🤨
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - December 12th

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I'm having too many item limit as if I shouldn't have bought the items in the first place. Why limit me to what I can have in my home...I had a plan to expand and have multiple rooms if you give me 4 sims and only two rooms??? My id is iambuddybih... I think as you go up levels the limit should too....why have a storage with nice items you can't use... I spent good money with this app because I wanted to expand and decorate please help.
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Re: Item limit

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Iambuddybih I think you should remove the item limit at some point...we spend money to get the item then you tell us we can't use them?
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - December 12th


@buddybee32 I noticed with this update, I'm getting "Item Limits" again when I'm just trying to change the color of something. This time I don't have any heirlooms to put away either. I've already put a tree and a chair back into storage. So EA can keep the new items they want us to buy. I'm not putting anything else away! Raise the item limit EA or no more real $ !! 😬

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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - December 12th

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I totally agree.... I don't understand the item limit... We have a storage full of items we can't use heirlooms we can't even display???? This has to change...
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - December 12th


@buddybee32 They better change it fast. I have no idea what they are thinking. It's probably to manage the size of the data file but they should have realized people weren't going to be happy with not being able to use items they purchased or earned. Every other Sims game lets us use everything we have. The Item limit is getting old. I play to design the home, not just for the SIM Stories.

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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - December 12th

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I really hope they fix it... 9F9F6EG Add me
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - December 12th

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Id 1003078299788
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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT


@iNotori In Freeplay when we sell things it reduces our town value which affects our XP. I'm not sure we want that either. They definitely need to do something about the item limit though. ☺

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Re: Item limit

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I am so confused right now. I tried to change my walls and floors today and was told I have too many different patterns and must remove some before I can put a new type of flooring or interior wall covering in my home. Now, most of my house is done in the same type of wall, at least three changed to same type, and yet I still cannot choose a different wall, or floor, covering.
Just now, I tried to change the color of an item already placed and it wouldn't let me. It told me I was over my item limit.
This cannot be functioning as intended?
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