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Item limit

by badboybren

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Re: Item limit

The item limit doesn't bug me too much but the storage inbox is really a mess. I have a lot of items now & it's really a hassle when it's very disorganized. 


Hope there will be a system in storage to organize it better in the coming next updates.



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Re: Item Limitations

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AGREED on the utter need for increased item limit!! After finishing the current Backyard Barbecue Event and unlocking all the awesome plants, I finally encountered the dreaded "item limit" prompt after creating a cute little garden out back. Granted, I do have a bunch of items in and outside my house, (as I'm maxed on level and lifestyle title), but I'm currently waiting on my last land plot to finish clearing and I plan to do some remodeling once it's done...I do get the whole "it's a mobile game" thing, but some of us play on Chromebooks and tablets, so I think that's kind of a cop out of an excuse. Clearly, this has been an issue with players for a while and it's only an issue because we love the game and want to keep playing!


Since this version of the game takes away a huge essential part of the original Sims (their needs and caring for each Sim individually), this one heavily focuses on what's left, which is DECORATING...and even then, we have a strict limit? I get that it's relatively new, compared to the many years others have been around, but what happens when there are more and more events? Then the overachieving addict gamers, like me, who get as many items as they possibly can from each event are left to, what, have to forego previously hard-earned (or purchased) items into their inventory in order to display newly hard-earned ones? That's pretty discouraging. 


I understand there needing to be a limit of sorts, but I think most of the players who put their time, effort, and money into the game will agree that we could use a little bit more slack on this issue. We should be able to express our creativity without such limited boundaries, after all, that's what games like these are for, no? It certainly isn't focused on the social aspect, since we can't even talk to our friends list outside of the once-a-week parties.


Overall, this game is awesome, otherwise people wouldn't care to ask for more in-house item capability in order to keep playing! Hope some time, sooner rather than later, this limit is increased. It would be a HUGE, much needed improvement to the game!

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Re: Item Limitations

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Hi @CrimesForCandy 

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Re: Item Limitations

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Now I have, heheh. Thank you. I like the tips in the first post you linked (particularly the one about placing doorways instead of doors). I'm glad there are shortcuts to creating more space for items, guess we just gotta make the houses less realistic in order to have more freedom. For example, I know doors are basically unnecessary, but I like a realistic flow, rather than Sims skipping from room to inaccessible room. Same with windows, no real practical need, BUT they are aesthetically pleasing, especially for players like me who actually zoom out every time I visit someone's house to see the full view. Anyway, I'll just simplify my decor. Frown

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Re: Item limit

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Could you please look into my game as well? I am getting the error on item limit though I don't have much item like other players do. As much as I wanted to buy new stuff and improve my lifestyle I can't because of the error which occurred after the recent update. 


Please help.



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Re: HOUSES: Limitations & Suggestions

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I am experiencing the same issue, i.e. Item limit. I noticed that after the recent update that I started to encounter the problem. This has something to do when I had varieties of outdoor plants which I got from the Backyard BBQ event. Each time I finished a task I was given plants for my backyard as a reward. After the quest I was given Gushing flower fountain and gardener's cart which I have placed on my backyard. This is when the error of item limit started occurring.


I hope they can fix this permanently. 

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Re: Item Limitations

@SalixCat wrote:

Hi @CrimesForCandy 

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Re: Item Limitations

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After the recent update, I could no longer place the SAME amount of items in my house. I didn't even purchase anything! I only restructured the rooms then when I placed them back, I hit the item limit? There are so many things I couldn't place in my house now. 

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Re: Item Limitations

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I believe that it’s a BUG that they should fix asap

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Re: HOUSES: Limitations & Suggestions

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I feel the same way as all the above! They let you acquire all of the items but won’t let you display them in your home which to me is like the point of the game. 


Id love to see an increase in the item limit or a better understanding on it. I’ve noticed that the game will let me put out some items even when it says “item limit” but won’t let me put out other items. It’s confusing. 🥴

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