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Item limit

by badboybren

Original Post

Item Limitations

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Note: I've inserted two screenshots to portray this issue.



There are some limitations in house designing that need to be reviewed and changed. 


1)   After purchasing all the new plants in surplus, I've added a front yard to my house, and designed a garden. Now, I am unable to refurbish the interior of my house with any items. I did not purchase all of these plants for a garden to only be unable in placing interior items.

Plant layout:


Item limitation:





1)   Not to overstep my boundaries, but I've been a supporter of this game, and like everyone else, we would love to see a change in increase in the house item limit.


2)   Another suggestion: Sell useless items; Throw away useless items; Implement categorization


If it is not in near future development or is being planned for players to be able to sell house items we no longer favor, then can you give us the option to throw away these items? In case neither of these options are plausible, then may I suggest implementing categorization for housing items? Similar to the Store, developers can implement categories with titles that can be used to associate several distinct items. It is often frustrating for players to hassle through items which we are not looking for.


Thank you.

I hope everyone takes a look at everything above, and I look forward to seeing other players' opinions. 



(Edit: changed title, took out IMPORTANT, as it might create confusion.)

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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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Couldn't agree more with your suggestions! Hopefully they see all these post and really start doing something about it all. Would make playing The Sims Mobile so much better !!
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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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I hope so as well!
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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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thank you for the information. I never know that there is limit to put items in the house. but perhaps if we increase the lifestyle so the total number that we can put also increase?

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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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Yeah, I was unaware of the item limitation as well. It's frustrating how they don't provide a distinct number and how unidentifiable it is.



Reasons why Lifestyle level is not involved:


1)   Given my Lifestyle level, it is not possible to be limited to a few items

2)   Amount of plants I have with imposed limitation contradicts the amount of the house items I've placed previously.


To elaborate on these two reasons:


1)   Lifestyle does not affect your item limitation. My lifestyle level is "Uniquely Chic," and this level is towards the end of the 4th division from the last obtainable one. 


2)   The amounts of plants I have outside sums up to 32. Collectively with the other 3 items I habe inside, the total is 35 items. Now, given my level and my purchases of almost all of the House Item packages, I've had my house decorated with much more items than 35. (I was going to refurbish my house after purchasing the plants).


Thank you for you suggested resolution, but that just isn't the case.

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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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Also, I'm not quite sure, but you may have been suggesting an alternative to the developers.

If that's the case, then I misunderstood you, and I apologize for that. However, I'm not fond of that solution because then you have two limitations: the original item limitation and the Lifestyle limitation.

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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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Selling items wont happen again as it was removed from the game.

Organizing the storage, however, would work. The purpose we bought items was to improve Lifestyle XP, if selling would happen, there would be major rollbacks.
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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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Could not agree more!!!


1) I purchased 4 new plants and built a front yard as well! I currently placed only about 90+ furniture (including windows and doors), and 4 new plants. I have friends who have the exact same level and lifestyle with me but placed more than 100 furniture. BUT!!! They do not have any new plants! So new plants might be the reason!


Also, you are absolutely right! Lifestyle does not involve in the item limit. I leveled up in lifestyle this morning to "Best Nester." It is a level of a new room. But the item limit did not change.


I guess the developers are either designed the item limit logic in a bad way (e.g. each item should be counted as 1, but new plants are designed to be count as 5) or there are bugs in their code for those new plants! The developers definitely should increase the limit or decrease the weight of new plants (or fix the bugs)!


2) If selling the useless item won't happen, having a more organized storage would help a lot.

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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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Thank you so much for noticing me about the new plants!

I removed them. Guess what, the item limit is not there anymore!

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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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In response to 01Reinier's reply, I doubt there would be any consequences in selling items.


Yes, purchasing items increases our Lifestyle Experience, but that is it. Essentially, this experience portrays hat you have made several purchases; it's absolute. There's no backlash, nor should there be backlash because it's purpose is to present to other players that, in relation to your Sims history, you've made extensive purchases, regardless of them being used: wearing all the clothes in your wardrobe, all house items, utilizing all acquired heirlooms. So, it wouldn't matter if we sell house items (not wanting to sell apparel or heirlooms).

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