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Re: Item limit

by DrFirexx

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Re: Sims mobile: item limit

No there is not, try taking out some and adding the decorations. 


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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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I completely agree with you. I keep running into item limit problems as well. Sometimes, depending on what im placing, i will remove one thing to replace it with something new and it will let me put two new things down when i only just removed one item. Also, ive removed an item and the game still wouldnt let me place something new unless i just put back the item i just removed. It seems like some items count as more than one. Im level 32 and now that i cant hardly put anything else down in or outside my house im having a hard time improving my lifestyle. My house doesnt look overcrowded to me and when im able to add another room im not even going to be able to furnish it. I really hope EA will consider getting rid of the item limit or raising it drastically, please. That seems to be something all the players can agree on. Also, being able to sell your old furniture(possibly a consignment shop or flea market, or even let players have a yardsale as an event alternative to hosting a party). That would be awesome and benefit everyone: higher level players could get rid of the old to make room for new and make a few simoleans on the side. Plus new players could benefit by being able to buy more stuff at a cheaper rate and maybe just not boost your lifestyle points as much as a new item would. Just a few concerns and suggestions. Thanks for listening.
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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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Thank you for sharing. I concur with everything you've said.

I've recently removed the majority of my plants to make room. Now, I have far less items placed inside than I did before. Unfortunately I already am reaching the item limit again while being able to have 10 rooms. This is ridiculous.
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Re: Item limit


I agree with everyone about the item limits and at least categorizing the storage would definitely be an improvement. However, I think the latest update (5/2/18) has made it worse because now I can't even move an item without it telling me to remove an item. Aggravating to say the least! 😔

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Re: Item limit

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This is true, now I can't buy or move anything without the Item limit prompt pop up. Kinda furious as it was fine a week ago when I refurnished my house and ditched a ton of stuff for the new career reward.
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Re: HOUSES: Limitations & Suggestions

[ Edited ]

I haven't experienced this issue yet but I guess I will some day.
We are encouraged to buy items every day in order to complete a daily quest and, if there is a limit, at least it should be possible to sell unwanted items. In this way players will continue enjoying the game. We will buy more items if we know we will be able to sell or delete them. Yes, we will use more money in the game, EA Standard smile

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Re: HOUSES: Limitations & Suggestions

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I totally agree with this, if things don't change I'll eventually get bored with the game and stop playing all together...
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Re: Item Limitations

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I really wish we could sell unused items back for halfcost
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Item Limit

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Hi there

I am currently on level 36 and have been thoroughly enjoying the Sims Mobile game up until now. I unfortunately can no longer buy new items for my house as it keeps coming up with “Item Limit - Please remove some items to make room for more”. I am able to buy new items in the career offices/shops but not in my Sims house. Are you able to shed some light on this please? My I.d is 1003406935823

Look forward to your response
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Re: HOUSES: Limitations & Suggestions

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Also just run into the item limit problem. I am level 30 and ‘uniquery chic’ and currently waiting on land expansion so i can add another room but seems like I may not be able to furnish it! Will this be addressed or are we just going to have to give up on this game now?
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