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Re: HOUSES: Limitations & Suggestions

by iNotori

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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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Thank you for taking a look at my post, Irisx0411!


The observations you made about the differences in plants use and home decor use, your affirmation in regards to Lifestyle not being involved with the item limits, your suggestions of the developers' activity, and your analysis about the plants were much needed.


I concur with your suggestions at the end of your response. These plants could very well be valued higher than items at the house. If so, then I question the developers: why beds, refrigerators, TVs, etc. are valued far less than plants?


Thank you for your insight, Irisx0411!

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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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Wow, I have not hit the cap yet, but it's annoying not to have any indication until you fail!

I wonder if there's some sort of simoleons/tickets/SimBux hierarchy involved, as IIRC the new plants are fully SimBux so maybe they are worth more than the interior furniture, mostly bought with simoleons and tickets? Just throwing out a WAG here lol.
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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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That's an interesting idea; but because these plants are only purchasable with tickets, then shouldn't their value in items be dismissed, or significantly lower?


I would argue that this would just be another constraint on an item that is only purchasable with tickets. Therefore, the item limit and the constraint set on these plants would only conflict people's desire in purchasing them.


I purchased them to have a beautiful garden, and now I can't even have a functioning house lol. As of now, I would say I wasted my tickets on these plants until the developers fix this issue. 

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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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im having the same problem. they really need to fix it!!!!

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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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@iNotori, agreed... this is just a terrible situation all round, and needs some serious balancing. Hopefully, the devs have it on the list!
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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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@oldphartBKK Feel the same way. It would be nice to get confirmation from the moderators or managers of the forum to clarify that this necessity has been transmitted to the studio or developers. 

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Re: HOUSES: Limitations & Suggestions

Problem with being able to place more stuff means a bigger game to load, some phones might not be able to run that. Which would cause issues. 

However if you do want to freedom I suggest getting The Sims 4. 


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Re: Item Limitations - IMPORTANT

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@iNotorithere is a reason item limits are there, just use the limitation to wisely place the items you need.

And, I agree with @Phantomlover1717 as this is a Mobile game, we have to understand the limitations that is there.

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Re: HOUSES: Limitations & Suggestions

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Thank you for your feedback. I understand that adding more items would increase render time for some users and/or make some users not able to play, but it's a huge failure on the developers' part.

1) The capacity for items is not shown to us
2) No information shown about items' value
3) There was never any details mentioned about item limit in the tutorial

Why put up items up for sale that can only be bought with tickets, which many are desired, and yet you can only use a few? That defeats the desire in owning plants for a garden.

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Sims mobile: item limit

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I'm getting an item limit notification. I can't put decorations up for my party. Is there anyway to increase your item limit?
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