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[Info] Helpful posts

by Phantomlover1717

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[Info] Helpful posts

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Wondering how The Sims Mobile works or looking for some good tips and tricks? Well we've got you covered!
Feeling more of social craving? Then have a peek a this list of threads you don't want to miss out on! 


Mobile devices

What Android device are you running the game on? (by Phantomlover1717)

An incomplete list of Android devices that can run the game.


Compatibility on Android devices (by EA_Mai)

Running in to issues while installing. Here you can find some info and tips you can try.


In game - live mode

- Be social and grow relationships in The Sims Mobile (by EA_Mai)

- Celebrate with Parties (EA Help)

The Sims Mobile Lifestyle Rating (by EA_Mai)
Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile (by EA_Mai)

- Become the best in your Hobby (EA help)

Climb the Career ladder (EA help)

- How to use Izzy’s Fashion Shop (EA help)

How to Maximize Weekly Gem Rewards (by 01Reinier)

- Clearing land (by thecakeisaLIE82)

Party Rewards (by HatsuneLotus)

Baby Quest walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)

Wedding Quest walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)

- How to maximize energy replenishment from home items (by SalixCat)

Floor decorations – Outdoor rugs (by Salixcat)


In game - build mode

- Customize and add on to your house (EA help)

- A handy printable to help you design your house on paper (by Phantomlover1717)


In game - other

- How does AHQ work? (by EA_Mai)

- How to report a player (by EA_Mai)

- Banned and suspended accounts (EA help)

How to save your game progress (by EA_Mai)

- How to find your player ID (by EA_Mai)


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Is someone not playing nice?

This game should be fun and fair! If you see someone breaking the rules, you can report them.

Report a player


Having trouble connecting to your game?

Try these steps first to clear up any problems you may have when connecting to an EA game.

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