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Illamanati rerun walkthrough

by Phantomlover1717

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Illamanati rerun walkthrough

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The Illamanati quest will be returning tomorrow April 25th 2019!
You might be wondering why we're not getting any new quest. Well, The Sims Mobile is switching from the Maxis studio to the Firemonkeys studio. 
You can read all about it over here:

The walkthrough:


This is the old walkthrough, so it could differ from the actual quest.

Heads up, if you've already played through the quest before, you'll see only the first step:




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Re: Illamanati rerun walkthrough

[ Edited ]
★★★ Apprentice

Thank you! Steps 1-7 are the same. Guessing the rest will be the same as well.

On step 22, all the steps are the same.


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Re: Illamanati rerun walkthrough

★★ Guide

So if u already completed the quest, it shouldn't ask you to do the 2nd part of the quest right? You know, it gives u a prompt to start it and normally it gives u 5 simcash for doing so?

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Re: Illamanati rerun walkthrough


@whackywhippet234 that's right. You'll get 5 Sim cash and that will be the end of the quest for those who have previously completed it.

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Re: Illamanati rerun walkthrough

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@SalixCat ok thx. I wasn't sure. It keeps reminding me to do the quest though even though i don't have it listed.

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