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Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

by 01Reinier

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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@ItsKatlyn99 wrote:

@KodamaTreeSpirit The best solution would be to add a continuous of day/evening/night alternation, as The Sims FreePlay did. 

So all the districts would be equal/realistic.


I've never noticed that building, now that you are talking to me about this I'm going to see xD

I would love this to be updated! Always wanted the day/night in the game.


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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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The night/day suggestion seems to be an agreement between a great number of players!


I also meant I'd like to see a geographic continuity between districts, with which you could see in Market Square the street that leads to Downtown, and the street that connects Downtown and the Waterfront, the street that connects Parkside and Waterfront etc. You know what I mean?


Edit: I meant the street that connects Parkside and Market Square, not Parkside and Waterfront! :D

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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@SweetKawaiiSimyup, would be totally awesome!


And @KodamaTreeSpirit I understand what you mean and I think that your point of views is quite correct. Standard smile

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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I want the guys to be able to wear female clothes, i have a sim that likes to crossdress. I havent had a female character (unlocking the slot right now) but i guess the girls can already wear guys clothes?

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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Hey guys! I had an idea!


What if someone were to go through this thread and note all the fabulous ideas we've posted, then create a new thread where the OP lists each idea as individual posts in the thread. Then we all vote with XP so the Monkeys can see which changes we want implemented the most.


Like, I know many people want to be able to sell unwanted items in our inventory. Also, I've seen a lot of people asking for a way to communicate in game outside of parties. And there are so many great ideas for new hobbies and careers, hairstyles and apparel. 


Unfortunately with my home life and line of work I don't have the time or energy to implement this. Maybe there's someone else in the community who enjoys organizing and making lists that would like to do this? 

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