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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

by AmbrozeBaby

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

It seems the link has expired @katclawsx3. This thread is a good place to mention any other suggestions you might have. 


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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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We did it, and many other will do it in the future so I only hope our request are read on this forum by Firemonkeys.

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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Great idea! I was thinking the same thing!!!!
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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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Right! That's how it's done in Sims Freeplay

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Body Art

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Is it possible we could have body art like tattoos and piercings, e.g. nose rings, cartilage piercings or belly rings? And it shouldn't be available only through events like some items. 

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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- Menage more than one house

- Weather change

- Pets

- Colors at no additional cost

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The Sims Mobile Ideas

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I love The Sims Mobile! I played at the launch, here in Brazil, and wanted to ask some things ... 

Well, until today I have not seen a Sims that is a life simulator that has NO needs, food, sleep and etc; Can you add that? And with that we recover energy!

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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I would like missions to change every week  with different and useful prizes... And not permanent simply useless missions like now.

They could be tied to a new NPC that provides new missions every week with different rewards. (And i'm not talking of an obligatory NPC to be used during event like LlamaZoom, I am talking about something optional to do during the day to pass the time)


Then i would like the pregnancy system to be changed for the female sim because i dont like very much how sims give birth.


It would be wonderful to have needs instead of energy


To have the night in game too, and not just the day...


Second floor, pets


And to have a game with many districts and not just the four already present now.


Thanks, hope my opinion could help.

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

[ Edited ]
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Hello to everyone! I'm here because I want to state my opinion regarding events on The Sims Mobile.

I suggest to change the whole events modality because the idea of open boxes all the time and see only dupicates and colors come out is extremely negative and boring.

This just makes us stop doing events because is useless like this, I propose to make events more fun and to ensure that player who spend a lot of time playing during events, struggle, they get guaranteed rewards, with all colors and no random-boring boxes.

You owe this to all of us. We put effort into events, and how it is like now seems just a joke for waste time.

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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My only advice that I would like to write in this section of the forum is to please make The Sims Mobile more similar to any existent The sims game (PC/Xbox/Ps4) so to dd main features of this game, such as needs, day and night, pregnancy...etc etc.

I understand that being a mobile game cannot be the same but you could at least make it similar by adding certain features

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