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by ItsKatlyn99

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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@swim6936 I love this idea! I have so much stuff in my inventory, much of it I consider cr*p, but I know other people who would want it. Yes, I have 7 of those stupid red rugs. I can't use any of them because they don't go with my decor. I would love to gift them to someone who would use them. Also, I've gotten a hotdog suit and a gnome suit that, I'm my opinion, are completely idiotic and I would never dress my sims in them. But there are plenty of people who really want them. 


I really really REALLY want a bubble machine, and I've gone to people's homes where they have two of them (no fair!). What do you need two of them for? Nothing, that's what. But if we could gift stuff, I could possibly trade the hotdog suit for that coveted bubble machine. 


Here's an idea that builds off the gifting idea: it would allow us to throw parties where we trade or gift stuff and it would be like a garage sale. 

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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@swim6936 Great idea! I would love that.


@thecakeisaLIE82 Or maybe it can be implemented in existing party to add more activities aside gaining party points and giving stickers. But garage sale party sounds good too. New type of party maybe? 

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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Yes, it would be refreshing to be able to choose from a wider variety of parties. Here are some that I've brainstormed:


Garage/yard sale (as already stated)

Costume party

Garden party

LAN party

Cocktail party

Baby or wedding shower 

Pool party

Movie night party


Now, I'm well aware that many of these themed parties you can have right now, you just let your guests know in the chat. Or you can post your party on this site saying what day and time and what the theme will be. But if there's more party options to choose from, anyone who comes to your party can know how to dress before they arrive. Sometimes the parties reach level 10 so fast, and by the time all your sims are dressed accordingly, it's done and most people have left and you've gotten no stickers. Also, the game could offer specialized stuff to put out--like long tables for a yard sale, laptop computers for a LAN party, and popcorn and a big screen tv for a movie night.


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Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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I have too many things in my inventory to scroll through, so I feel like it would be great to have it sorted by category rather that it all being together. I’m not sure if this is possible but just putting my thought out there. Have an amazing day/night/whatever!

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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I would love to be able to switch relationship stories. Right now I have a guy sim and didn't realize that I did 'friendly introduction' when he met this other sim. Now, I'm stuck with them only able to be friends. Ugh!

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(Delete this topic please, it has already been opened by someone else)

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Re: Possible ideas for improve the gameplay

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I don't agree with you with the pregnancy thing. It takes 30 minutes to make a baby. The baby pops out. If they added extra steps to make the baby process longer. Most people will it be fuming. Also, you want the male sims to look Prego too? That seems a little off to me personally. This is the mobile version of the game. I don't see having to wait longer in order to have a child. In the SIMS 1,2,3,4 you cannot work while being pregnant. Do you want that too? I don't, and many other people would not want the same thing either. You are not the first person, to want that feature. I'm not trying to be MEAN, but I would not like to see this changed. You can try to change your sim to look pregnant in DNA, I tried, but after I come out of cas they somehow go back to their same figure. 

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Sims Mobile Game Suggestions

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Hello creators of Sims Mobile and loyal players! I've been playing Sims Mobile for about 2 years and I'm planning to buy The Sims 4 once I buy a new laptop. So I was watching some people play Sims 4 on YouTube and I made me think of something that could make playing Sims Mobile even more fun.  Here are my suggestions:

  •  The ability for children to go to school and for teens to have part time jobs.
  • More occupations.
  • More interactive buildings.
  • To build the house with more floor levels. You know like having a 3 floor level house.
  • A Vampire story.
  • The ability travel the world and camp.
  • To have family vacations.

 I hope these suggestions are taken in consideration. It up to you all to agree with me or not. Peace and Love to ya!

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Re: Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile

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I would like to be able to undo last action. Sometimes I move an item just to see if it fits better somewhere else - and then change my mind.

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Re: Possible ideas for improve the gameplay

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This game still need a lot of additions and these are great ideas 👍

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