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Re: How to unlock mosquito

by EA_Atic

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How to unlock mosquito

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How do I unlock mosquito b variant? one with big cannon. is it still possible?

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Re: How to unlock mosquito

Hello @szynond

It was a Tides of War reward.. I'm sure that DICE will give it to the company so you will be able to purchase it with Company Coins.. Standard smile
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Re: How to unlock mosquito

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And gun is only an option for this fly you are not forced to use it Standard smile.

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Re: How to unlock mosquito

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I believe that was a Tides of War reward - If you go into your company and look around in your vehicles menu might be able purchase it with CC - if it's still unavailable don't lose hope as it should show up again for purchase in the future. I remember reading that all rewards will start to show up in rotations similar to the special battle packs in BF1

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Re: How to unlock mosquito

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Community Manager

If you go to the armoury, click on a plane and then Replace Plane Will get the option to buy the plane and its the same for any tank that you are missing  @szynond 







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