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How to get the wampa

by Zacval2

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How to get the wampa

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How to get the wampa in star wars heroes of the galaxy 


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Re: How to get the wampa

@Zacval2 Wampa shards can be earned in 3 ways.

1- The rare Galactic Bounties 1 event offers wampa shards at the most difficult tier. You can earn up to 20 shards each time it occurs. You will need a very strong bounty Hunter team to do this!
2- a few in game achievements offer a free wampa shards
3- The main way to earn wampa shards is from the Guild Event Store. You must be part of a guild, and then you can earn Guild Event Tokens (GET) from territory battles, territory wars, and the Sith Triumvirate raid. You can then spend this GET on Wampa shards.

Good luck!
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