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How to get smoke grenade Kill?

by DaVolunteerArmy

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How to get smoke grenade Kill?

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Hoping someone will answer the age old question of how to get smoke grenade kills. It is possible I presume since stats report people have done this, but no one knows how? Any help appreciated. 

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Re: How to get smoke grenade Kill?

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Sadly it's unknown, though it definitely doesn't seem intentional. The Battlefield Easter Eggs discord has tested it a few times and none of the obvious methods, ie: contact damage, debris damage, point blank throwing damage (similar to Periscope kills) so on so forth have worked. Meaning it's likely a bug and at that, a very rare one unless it was patched with a recent update.


The only way to know for real is if DICE were to comment on it which they haven't done yet.

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Re: How to get smoke grenade Kill?

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@DaVolunteerArmy Theoretically, smoke is no hurt, but we all know that gas mask and a periscope can through special operations to deal damage to enemies and kill them, so we still need to explore whether smoke can kill

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