How to change reward payouts in STAR WARS™: Galaxy of Heroes

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How to change reward payouts in STAR WARS™: Galaxy of Heroes

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Read on to learn more about how you can change the time you get reward payouts for Daily Activities, Squad and Fleet Arenas in STAR WARS: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH).



Things to know before you make any changes

  • You can make time zone changes up to two times a year.
  • The timer for that year starts when you make your first change to your timezone and the next year restarts when the last one-year time period ends.
  • Unused time changes won’t carry over to next year.  
  • You might lose access to unfinished daily missions and activities if a time zone change moves an account to a new day.

  • There could also be a cooldown period for access to some stores and activities while your account catches up to the new time zone. Make sure to finish any daily activities before you change a time zone. 

  • You have to wait 48 hours after a time change to make another one.   


All your time changes together

Everything is connected in a fixed way so when you change your payout, everything (e.g. Daily Activities Reset, your Squad and Fleet Arenas) will move accordingly to retain the same distance apart.

Daylight Savings Time

To avoid heartache, please keep in mind the clocks will go forward or back 1 hour and to account for this if you are making changes to your reward payout time around Daylight Savings Time.



How do I change my time? 

  1. Open SWGOH and go to the home screen.
  2. Tap on the Settings cogwheel.

  3. Tap Time Settings.

  4. Tap on Daily Activities Reset time.


  5. This will take you to the Select New Time screen to choose the time you want. Once you’ve picked, click Confirm.


  6. Double-check your new payout times are what you want them to be. If they’re right, tap Confirm next to the number of changes left. 

  7. You’re all set! Don’t forget, you can only make one more change until the year resets. 

How do I set the time if I move?

If you move from one time zone to another, like New York (ET) to Los Angeles (PT), your time zone doesn’t automatically move with you. You’ll need to set your payouts to match the time zone you want. If you don’t change your time, you’ll keep getting payouts from the previous time zone.


This might mean moving your time in SWGOH forward or backward depending on the differences between the time zone you moved from and the one you moved to.


If you aren’t sure about your time zone difference, contact us and we’ll help you get it sorted out.


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