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How long is this/replay value?

by Aideux

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How long is this/replay value?

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I'm a huge fan of RPGs, open world games, and long games along the lines of the Witcher, Skyrim, etc. I've had my eye on this for a while, but I can't find enough about it to warrant a purchase. Can anyone who owns this give me some insight as to what it's like, how long it is, and if it's worth it? Thanks!

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Re: How long is this/replay value?

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Doesn't look like a RPG to me.  Looks like an Adventure game.


Completely different aesthetic, so very different "replay" criteria.  And since it was only just released last week, I don't think anyone here is in a position to discuss it at the level of detail needed to answer your questions.  At least, not yet.

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Re: How long is this/replay value?

Community Manager

Fe is and adventure game where you can explore an entire open world forest, unlock different abilities and learn new songs to interact with the forest. 


It might take you 7-8 hours to finish the game, but it may take a bit longer to explore the entire forest and collect all crystals.


Perhaps these gameplay videos can give you a better insight into the game. 



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Re: How long is this/replay value?

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Less than 7 hours for sure, finished that game and my profile said I played for 7 hours, including the time I left the game open while eating the other evening.


Maybe I'll play again to unlock the last skill. (But why?now)


As I unlocked all the ''animal languages'' I felt it went too quickly. I guess the whole game lacks some engineering for replay-ability and playing time.


Very beautiful game for sure, but I guess there's an unaccomplished quarter of mile that hasn't been done somewhere in order to push the gamer back in it,




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Re: How long is this/replay value?

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Fe has a SHARP learning curve. I was reaching my frustration limit before I found the map and discovered that *turning in place* tuned singing to whatever you were singing to. At that point, I couldn't stop playing.

How long? Depends on how creative you are and how willing to solve puzzles without searching for someone else's answers. I'm well over 7 hours, and not done yet.

Replay value? How much of a perfectionist are you, and how much of an adrenaline junkie? If you need suspense and tension, probably not much motive to play this even once. I already plan to replay to see how much better I can do with what I've learned. The game is simply beautiful. If you've ever found yourself wandering WoW Night Elf areas just to enjoy the views, you will DEFINITELY replay this game.
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Re: How long is this/replay value?

Community Manager

I spent most of my time just exploring the forest and see how I can interact with the creatures, looking at the stone tablets, finding gems and new ways on how I can get somewhere.


This game is so amazing and fun Standard smile

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