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Re: How can I buy Sims 4 in English?

by Vixanne

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Re: How can I buy Sims 4 in English?

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Unthinkable, inexcusible and mad are precisely the words the situation calls for.


I'm an English speaking person living in Poland, and while can speak the language, it's beyond ridiculous that in the age of digital restribution a flie which allows me to play in my language at my leisure is simply chosen to be omitted. How on earth is that decision driven, if I may flair in outrage? Are they appeasing any ludicrous restrictions on local retail? Surely not, as this sort of debacle would never occur on Valve's watch.


It's even more problematic as the 'special edition', one for which we the fans elect to pay extra on top, is graciously offered on Origin only - As to encourage our loyalty, no doubt!


I think... that both the lack of need for excluding English, in this day and age, as well as aditional effort it must've taken to do so  must be apparent to whomever we may thank for the decision, and I do hope that they come to realise the error of this bias regional approach and offer a solution within the next 10 hours or so.


I feel punished for living outside of my linguistic zone, all the more for the extra integration that this itetarion offers, permitting to easily aquire great, fan made files, but should there be no remedy I will be regardless forced to ask for a refund, and pray to the gods for BioWare, Maxis and any other studio of worth that has to be overseen by company prone to decisions this questionable.


A terrible move, to be sure. Short sighted would be an understatement.

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Re: How can I buy Sims 4 in English?

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Solved (though in a pricey way)! Replying here in case anyone has the same problem.

I caved in and bought boxed european edition.. and it works! Right now I have two Sims 4 games added to my Origin account, which looks silly. One is Origin's Polish Digital Deluxe and the second one is Multi-language regular one. And I basically have the game in English and I still have the deluxe stuff from Polish edition. Funny thing is - the european edition was even cheaper than Origin's regular, region-locked version. So I see no reasoning behind it (like I would if it was a cut version, but cheaper, for the poorer market to keep westerners from getting too low priced keys on Ebay).

To sum it up - it seems Origin digital keys will become region locked when activated, while a key from a boxed version allows you to install in the language version it came from. In my case - it was all languages available.

Still - it would be much better if EA would give a full info on how to legally buy the language version you desire.
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Re: How can I buy Sims 4 in English?

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Did you buy the physical copy in Poland as well? Because I had the same problem in Origin so I got a refund and went to the store and picked up a physical copy to see if it will be in English. I'm afraid to open it because once I do I won't be able to return it. And no one is able to tell me if this game, bought in Poland, will have all languages available. Did you buy you physical copy in Poland or in a different European country? Thanks!!

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Re: How can I buy Sims 4 in English?

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This is utterly ridiculous! I will never download any games from you until you work out this issue!

Why do something the easy way when you can do things complicated, right? Outraging!


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Re: How can I buy Sims 4 in English?

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Two years after the launch of the game, and this problem has never been solved... cool, EA, very cool. (NOT.) I just bought the game, didn't even think to check what were the offered languages because it's just an industry standard that, whatever the additional local languages added, English is always provided. But turns out EA is not on the industry standard. I requested a refund, I will not play this game in Polish. I find it ridiculous that EA has done it so. And now instead of buying the game straight from EA, I will perhaps go and buy it on secondary market, to make sure it is in my preferred language.

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Re: How can I buy Sims 4 in English?

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They released Toddlers for free but they won't release English language pack, something they already made anyway, even as a "dlc". Haven't played the game for a while because seeing Polish just annoys me and I quit with a feeling of regret, bitterness, disappointment and frustration. I'd love to play with Toddlers. I'd love to get DLC with vampires that's coming out soon. But with how EA treats this issue, it looks like I'd be wiser to wait until Sims 5 are out instead, then probably pay my friend in US to get the game so I can play it in English.

It's ridiculous, it's sad and it's making me angry as I'm diving deeper and deeper into Google search pages, looking for a way to english-fy my game that I just cannot enjoy because of where I was born and where I have to live now.

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Re: How can I buy Sims 4 in English?

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Hey "admin" nothing to say!!!???

I don`t know Russian language.

[Edited by EA_Mai: keep in mind our first rule]

I know Altai & a little bit English language.

I don`t ask you  localize Sims 4 on Altai.

I & hundreds of people ask you - WE NEED ORIGINAL LANGUAGE!!!

Just few hours ago I want buy al DLC, but now I delete origin and I newer buy EA games in future.

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Re: How can I buy Sims 4 in English?

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2017 - still no solution. EA congrats!

Just bought the game and already requested refund. That's ridiculous! Why on Earth I can not play English version? What's wrong with you guys? I need a reply from tech support!


[Edited by EA_Mai: swearing removed, please check the forum rules]

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Re: How can I buy Sims 4 in English?

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It's mid 2018 and still no solution. I used to play The Sims 3 in English, now I moved to the Sims 4, and guest what? I have to play it in Polish... It's ridiculous. I hate the Polish names of the townies, I hate the dreadful messages and notifications. I want to use custom content traits but guess what? They're in ENGLISH ONLY. Omg... 

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Re: How can I buy Sims 4 in English?

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See the answer by EA number 2 posting in this thread.

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