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[Guide] How to report a player in The Sims Mobile

by EA_Mai

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[Guide] How to report a player in The Sims Mobile

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We want the game to be fun and fair for everyone. So be nice to everyone. If someone breaks the rules, you can report them.




Long story


We want you to follow the User Agreement.


Short story


  • Be nice to fellow Simmers. Don’t be mean.
  • Don’t pick offensive names for your Sims or for your Player Name.

There’s more, but those are the main points. You'll find all of the rules in our User Agreement.





Ask them to stop


If someone says or posts something that is abusive or inappropriate, ask them to stop. They might not realize that what they said or did is wrong.


If that doesn’t work, there are two places you can report a rule-breaker


  1. Party chat
  2. Party panel


Report abuse or offensive names and content in Party Chat


Report player


When you’re on your home lot, you’ll see a yellow flag on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Click on the yellow flag and you’ll see options to report players from the Party Chat. Here you can report the details of the rules that were broken.


Report abuse or offensive names and content in Party Panel


Party chat report


When you’re on the party lot, there are two places you’ll see the reporting flag.

  1. The flag is in the right-hand corner of the Party Chat panel, the same place it was on the home lot flag.
  2. You’ll see the flag from the main party list. Click on the flag and you’ll have more reporting options to choose from.

Give all the information you have so that we can ensure that the violations stop. You must be at a player's party to see the reporting flag.





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Re: [Guide] How to report a player in The Sims Mobile

★★ Guide

Thank you very much!

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Is someone not playing nice?

This game should be fun and fair! If you see someone breaking the rules, you can report them.

Report a player


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