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Re: Grind conquest

by masushowa

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Re: Grind conquest

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I like the turn of this post Standard smile


IMO the game need modes where both teams are in constant move to achieve their goals.Modes that promote teamwork within squads and move with a bit of strategy to the targets!Like this ,right now, there are Conquest,squad conquest,frontlines,domination and combined arms.I'd like to see Rush make it's way back and maybe a mode based on the logic of BF1's war pigeons.

Even though the attacker-defender modes,as a concept,seem exiting and funny,i don't really like them in their current form.breakthrough for example must be revisioned.DICE must find a way to discourage the camping effect that ruins the mode(and not only this)(If you stay put for more than a certain period of time,no matter how many kills you do,you don't receive xp) and make it more fun for the attackers(make the squad's capacity larger,more than 4 players or add a general that lead and give order to the squads.)


I would leave TDM as it is's TDM.Maybe the most played mode in the history of online fps games.If you are not in the mood for a long game session,you jump into a tdm,10 mins and that's it.It's also an essential mode for the more arcade gamers.


So unless Breakthrough is revisioned i would remove it,bring back Rush maybe or make airborne a standalone mode instead.

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Re: Grind conquest

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Lots of people play TDM... The problem is that we've been spoiled with so many modes that if you take something away - SOMEBODY will be mad.






Least Favourite:



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Re: Grind conquest

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I’d like to see the “game changers” make a come back that BF1 had to help offset unfair side advantages other than the wheel house that requires requisition points. 

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Re: Grind conquest

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I’d be happy tho Wink

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Re: Grind conquest

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@EA_Blueberry I’m in agreement with the team death match statement
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Re: Grind conquest

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I also like rush. In game mode, there are few campers and the flow of the game is good.

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