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Re: Great game but huge set backs

by BattaIia

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Great game but huge set backs

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Couldn’t be bothered to write this before, but I truly am enjoying this game. Sadly that has become logging on only for bounties and sending out a new crate. 


I learned recently prior prior to an update people were able to roll on units that had no level requirement. That is not the case now. FREQUENTLY I am matched with people with whom have units requiring level 30+. I am a mere level 13. Why am I consistently put with them? 


So so I decided to buy a 13.99 pack. Which practically did nothing as again, players still have huge level required units. ( also this doesn’t trigger double medals no loss taken) Now packs are double that? Why? I’m not paying 30$ for 2.5k gold and two chests...??? 


Just my two cents, whales loves these games I guess and that’s all that’s truly cared about. 

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Re: Great game but huge set backs

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Some players played before certain units were unlocked in higher tiers. So they could get these units earlier than players now can. This caused some balance issues, and that is why they are now locked as they are. But you can't just take units away from players that earned them legit. So instead, these players no longer get MORE cards for those units, but can still play them in their current levels.

Sorry you are having to go through that, but just because their arsenal is more diverse doesn't mean they are better! Learn the counters to those units and you can still beat them! If you need tips for certain units, let me know, and I'll do my best to help!
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