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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

by suhailshangari

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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I guess I'll have to be THAT guy.

-rose was over nerfed. Period. She's my least played class in the entire game and I find her painfully boring so I'm not defending my "ez win n00b class". In the interest of fairness and future balancing changes, let's have a discussion that doesn't incite a flame war.

If rose is supposed to be a CC Mage, why was her CC hit so hard? Granted, the duration on them was much too high in comparison to the rest of the games abilities. She now can't even do her intended job of being a cc Mage. Thematically speaking, a Mage shouldn't be focused around close quarter combat, which she isn't. And they shouldn't be snipers with honing missles either. They should be somewhere in the middle. But rose now can't do short, midrange, or long range. She feels bad to use. She's just kind of eh. It feels like the outcry of rose has caused the balancing team to just obliterate her instead of tuning her.

Like I said, I don't play Rose. But I'm worried that if this is how the team balances then what can we expect in the future for other classes? Rose just seems like a half-assed design mess where the creators had an idea of what they wanted, it backfired, and now they're just trying to figure out what to do with her.

The game feels better now. Matches are actually semi competitive now, though I have a feeling in the coming weeks people are going to notice some zombie variants are out of line.

Overall a good patch.
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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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on PS4 its pretty even in the ones ive played.


Turf is 50/50

Vaanquish is 70/30 zombies (from my games)

Suburbination probably seemed like 60/40 zombies


but the point is this, plants used Rose as a crutch, they need to take time to adjust again, its not a problem, things will even out once Electro Brainz is tuned down.

@kumaxking wrote:

@AWMaxSterling wrote:

Haven't gotten a chance to play with the new patch, yet. Are zombies winning much easier now?

Too easily.


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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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Enjoying all the new content. Love the new map, updated backyard, etc. I don't really like the new character balancing. The imp is too difficult to vanquish now because he is so small, quick, and has more health. Other than that the imp is fine with all the other changes done to him. Next, rose. There are 2 changes that make rose possibly the worst class in the game: less health and her homing reduction. Rose relies on her homing shots to take out zombies and with her homing being worse than how it was in the beta just makes her difficult to get vanquishes with. She was perfectly fine in the beta and the only thing that should be changed from how she was in the beta to now in the full game was to have her homing about in the middle of how it was in the beta to how it was on launch before the update, and to have 3 blasts in arcane enigma. Finally the health reduction was just an unnecessary change.
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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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Thanks for the patch, playing online is a lot less frustrating now! 


The only feedback I could give is something people have already pointed out: the electrobrainz could use a bit of a nerf. I stood no chance going up against one. Just a small reduction in damage might even it out a bit. 

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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I don't think the damage should be reduced on Elecro Brains...probably jus the damage spread, that beam spreads really far even if I'm nowhere near the person getting hit.


I would love to see a health reduction on Super Brains characters in general. They have too much movement potential and when they are on top of you, no matter how good you are, you can't really kill one unless their health was low before they engaged or you're killing them at range.


I posted something on page two as well, I tried Rose for a few games pre patch and well playing her felt cheap.


Playing her now feels like you're chopping off one of your arms.

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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Nice job with patch. Not perfect yet, but a much more satisfying experience. I think the Rose nerf was very close. I did get dinged a few times at mid range by a few roses, but at least there weren't 6-8 on the team. I commented pre patch the I felt Electo brainz AOE needed to be toned down to other Electro classes and I still stand by it. I just got done with a match with 2 on the zombie team and they just sat back and spammed into the nearest plant. Residual effect took over wiping out most of our team. They're not impossible to kill, but hard to get to as the stay behind the lines. I went 3-6 with a toxic pea vs a rank 1127 Electro Brainz. Not great but I had to work my butt off and pretty much hunt him and the other one exclusively. I didn't get a chance to play an imp, but I like where they are now. They are a small pest that is difficult but not impossible to deal with 1-1.I think people over look how well the Camo Cactus is at dealing with zombies since I very rarely see her played. Its a grind to level her up, but is great at keeping Capt Sharkbite and imps in check. Nice job on the Auqa center, it feels like going back home for a visit. On the Xbox I'd like to see separate sensitivity for look and aim. Capt Sharkbites look is slow, but when I aim is extremely sensitive at range. I think there is some more balancing work to be done, but all in all, this is a much more enjoyable game to play, especially in multi player.
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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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I played the game for a quite a bit time now and I feel that the rose is too week now. Even on the close quarters damage is too less. I feel the health for rose is fine but everything else has been reduced a lot. The rate of party time meter has been doubled which is again not good. Imp is a little bit more powerful though health is fine and other variants feel good to me.

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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I think it's an amazing patch!! It really shows how hard you guys have worked when it comes to making the game fun for everyone which is not an easy thing to do at all...obviously it's impossible to please everyone but the balance is coming along quite nicely!


My literal ONLY issue with the Rose buff is she's a bit too slow on her charge. And when i say a bit I don't mean I prefer she keep her original speed when charging; I really like that you slowed her down and made her unable to jump. However I really like how Rose plays, she feels completely like how she's suppose to feel now. A support character, not Megatron. 


I notice a lot of people coming back right away with negative feedback; I understand it can be hard to remember but, it'll take much longer than 24 hours to adjust to patches. You need to get a whole new feel for the characters and figure out new ways to either counter or handle them. I just hope a lot of people consider that before they go off on any negative rants. 


Over all I'm extremely satisfied!  Large smileStandard smile

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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Imp is amazing. Thanks for taking the extra time to put this patch together. I'm looking forward to testing the rest of it this week. 

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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I'm MOSTLY fine with the changes made in this update. Just one thing though.
Team are now stacking with Corns. 150 health is a lot to deplete, and they have amazing damage at range, not to mention BBQ Corn.
Other than that, great update.

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