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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

by Zaheen1337

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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Literally any Plant (aside from Rose now) that has a charge shot ability can almost or entirely one shot an Imp. I think the lowest damage is the Mystic Sunflower, at 70 damage? Electric Citron does 82, and Future Cactus and Plasma Pea do around 75 to 80.


Law Pea, assuming you have good aim, can annihilate an Imp with a single clip. Agent Pea can probably three shot it.


Imps are fine having 75 HP.

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

★ Apprentice

enjoyed the new changes, Rose feels very stable in close quarters but weak at long range, so good job there.


imp - not played yet, but ive killed a few, i thought they were taking a bit longer to kill and mechs seem good again to try and take down, good job.


the new map is awesome, a re-skin with added new areas, love it, nice to have some familiarity back.


i would still like to see the overheat on rank 1 all stars reduced a bit though, still too quick to overheat on hockey star for very little damage.

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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About the mouse sensitivity after zooming, it is greatly reduced after zooming which causes a lot of inconvenience...Aiming with Captain and Cactuses is more difficult in zoomed mode.


Rose got a good nerf, but i think its a good idea to allow fire and ice rose to jump after charging, tho the slowing down when charging is a good nerf.


Imp got too much buff, the health should be 65 instead of 75.


Zen cactus got too much nerf, a slight increase of damage would balance the lack of ammo size.

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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After updating on PS4 the game wont start. Connects to EA servers then crashes. Tried unistalling the game and re-installing it and then downloading the patch again, still the same thing. Havent found any informaion on how to fix the problem, but found a few people who are experiencing the same issue.
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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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i think the Backyard defense is broken ! the enemies dont move anymore.. u get the full coins for Diamonds and stuff.. and all the enemies die from alone after a short time.. u get free coins by just roaming around the middle of the map .. rly fast..  s

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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★★★★ Guide

Pre Patch - Rose v Imp

Rose wins with 100% health


Post Patch - Rose v Imp

Imp wins with 100% health


Not that I used Rose pre patch because I'm not a fan of using OP variants, or having the feeling of killing someone purely because my class is broken. But now, Rose is so weak and her shots have to be so accurate that I don't think I'll ever play it because it's *.


I do feel like the homing shots were too much, but you've removed them, lowered damage, lowered health, lowered the CC duration...


You didn't fix Rose, you broke her completely?

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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...So I'm guessing a G/G Ops games weren't bothered with in this update... :c

Because the sound/music still seems bugged, the AI still glitches out. (couldn't even swap to the character because the AI wouldn't stop jumping) Guessing Super Boss Waves still have normal boss music too. T.T

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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You can adjust the mouse sensitivity in zooming mode now. Look into the options.

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

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I'm playing at 1440p and the HUD elements have dramatically increased in size after this update, please give us the option to scale their size. The HUD just feels way too cluttered now with oversized icons, I find myself frequently looking at them instead of focusing on the action.

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Re: Graveyard Variety Pack - post patch feedback

★★★ Apprentice

Well, if i'm allowed to be honest:


Good points:

Firstly it was kinda nice to see a lobby that wasn't full of Roses and judging by the end of game stats, kills and kill streaks have returned to something far more sensible. Good work.

Lobby stats can once more be viewed during the respawn countdown.

The backyard seems to have one or two more challenges so a little more playtime can be had in single player.



Other points:

I've noticed that on occasion when Herbal Assault starts the next game I have developed a tendency of spawning into a completely game to the one I was originally in. Strange.

Also, when it does happen all my plant/zombie stats show as level 1 on the character selection menu but resort back to their original values when the game starts.

When the screen gets busy some of the sound effects seem a bit behind the action and you get the odd scenario of the sound effect emulating one of those dodgy Chinese dubbed movies.

Framerate issues when the action gets real hardcore. The moonbase map seems to be the most obvious one that I've noticed.

After leaving single player Garden ops the game sometimes hangs real bad (almost like it's crashed) before returning to the backyard.

Although they are now registering as complete, the two "talk to" challenges remain on my current tasks. Are they supposed to be still there?

Infinity and kill leaderboards still not showing either mine or my friends scores.


The new map:

Well to be honest i'm not over impressed with it because it seems to be just another over saturated heavy on the colour purple (what is with all this purple?) affair, complete with the obligatory explosions of needless onscreen particles when thing start to hot up. Just my opinion and i'm sure many will disagree with my thoughts.


So going forward i'm not quite sure exactly where I stand with PVZ2. Although the balancing has been sorted, the in game mayhem and confusion remains solidly in place and that for me is a bit of a game killer. The main problem is, I can't really see these issues being resolved because to rework maps and textures sounds to me like quite a big task and considering Popcap are busy expanding the game then, time wise, it doesn't seem like a justifiable option.


Sorry Popcap but, although I do appreciate the efforts you put into the patch, for me personally it hasn't quite introduced the charm and fun factors into the game like i was hoping it was going to do.

I think i'll stick with PVZ1 for the time being.




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