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Re: Grainy graphics in Battlefield V

by SnakeEyesPC

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Grainy graphics in Battlefield V

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Whenever I play Battlefield 5, I see grainy graphics in most of the maps including singleplayer one of the most affected map is Rotterdam. Specially while looking at the dark corner of a room, at the sky. I repared the game twice, reinstalled the game  I also updated the BIOS, Graphics driver, but it didn't work. In Battlefield 4 if I set the post processing to Ultra only then I see grainy graphics a little ( Not noticable), but in BF5 it does a lot and there are many graphical bug in BF5 singleplayer. On the otherhand there are no problem in BF1, BF3, Metro Exodus, GTA 5, Counter Strike GO. I got Battlefield V with Zotac RTX 2080. I'm trying to findout where is the problem where the problem in my GPU or Game.

Please someone help me to find it out. My PC specification has been given below.

Processor: Core i7 9700k

Motherboard: ASUS Z390 - E Gaming

GPU: Zotac RTX 2080 8GB AMP

RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB 16 GB (8 X 2) BUS 3200 MHz

SSD 1TB samsung evo 970 evo plus

Monitor: Samsung JG50 27 inch 27 inch 1440p 144 hz curved (VA panel)

PSU: 850W


Click here to see some captured screenshots.

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Re: Grainy graphics in Battlefield V

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i haven't had this issue directly maybe try cycle through the levels of graphics in game (low, medium, high, ultra) like just sit there and click through them a couple times and see if it changes anything since those are on the fly changes...

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Re: Grainy graphics in Battlefield V

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Hey @CervicalVertebra 


try setting to off in the video settings the chromatic aberration,film grain,vignette and lens distortion and check back to see if it got any better!


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