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Going on a 50+ winstreak, but there's one issue...

by iLikeToSnipe21

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Re: Going on a 50+ winstreak, but there's one issue...

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The problem is that this isn't even necessary. I want to spend a bunch of money on this game, I'd be more than happy to show my support by purchasing cosmetics. But I'm not gonna pay $30 for a bundle that will get Tick Tanks to level 8. I wouldn't pay $30 for a bundle that got them to level 15. That's a single unit for the cost of a decent expansion for a AAA game. Having the ability to pay money to level up units is not a good idea. Setting the prices at these levels amplifies it to one of the worst decisions I've seen in a strategy game.



They have been forced to make changes to the game to relieve the symptoms caused by this problem. Unit level caps, better matchmaking, more rewards, etc. None of those would be necessary if they just took out the unit leveling. Even with those "fixes" there's still problems with not being able to level up units fast enough (not even close) and restricting what units you can use.


I don't need to play against higher levels to know about counters and there is no "keep playing casually and you'll get there". Putting in 100 games gets you almost nowhere after you've gotten all of the league and level rewards. Again, this system adds no value to the gameplay or players. I can guarantee you that it is driving away some players too. I've tried getting friends involved and several of them just will not tolerate the P2W aspect, which is visible at all levels of the game.


I love the gameplay, it's good enough that it goes beyond just being a mobile timewaster. I'll keep on playing, but I won't play as much as I would have and I won't put any money into the game. I know it's a slim chance that they'll change things, but I still hope that they'll remove the unit levels and make this the great game that it could be.

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Re: Going on a 50+ winstreak, but there's one issue...

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I agree with this completely. Would prefer to pay for a game one off and maybe a small monthly fee and keep the units equal. Then you have to play around with different combos or better still bring in a 2nd option of play that throws you into the map with random units from your deck and all you choose is the commander. Now that would be different...

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Re: Going on a 50+ winstreak, but there's one issue...

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again i agree with you 

it is really notice able esp when you go against someone who has no clan and has lvl 11-12 units thats a 100% P2W player no doubt about it 

and there is no casual game on here if there was then more than not people would be playing that.  Also i think that the medal count needs to be fined tuned really bad

just played a guy with higher units same league but got 19 medals for winning which should have been more like 12-14 

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Re: Going on a 50+ winstreak, but there's one issue...

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So here's where I'm at. If I start a match and see a single level 12 or higher unit I just disconnect. The disparity in unit power is too much to even be worth it. I have fun when I go up against an opponent on equal footing, but it's not fun when my opponent can just brute force their way to victory.

Adding some "clever" change (like dropping down leagues to get the rewards again) won't actually fix this problem.

Remove unit levels. Add cosmetics. Make this the greatest mobile strategy game of all time. That simple.
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Re: Going on a 50+ winstreak, but there's one issue...

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I agree to an extent getting matched up against a higher level opponent that's not a "challemge match" is frustrating.  I look at it as a chance to show I am a better commander!  And if I lose I can talk trash about the p2w lol. 


All in all it is a business behind the game and people need to pay bills so thank those who pour their  own money into it for a small advantage so you can play for free. 


P. S.  Great game! 

Takers Inc FTW! 

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