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Re: Gem cost increase

by warmonkey1024

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Gem cost increase

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Maybe I'm confused but it looks like the Vault of crystals has gone up by about $30, with an increase in package cost across the board.  I was going to purchase some gems on Sunday but that left a bad taste in my mouth, thinking I'm paying quite a lot more then I would have a few days ago.


IMO I think your premium currency is a bit overpriced.

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Re: Gem cost increase

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Could it be that the conversion rate is totally insane for you?

I also think the current prices are overpriced.

Sadly my honest opinion about the F2P concept is that it has gone totally overboard, EULA stating your only renting your IAPs (items / chars ingame in general for this game), outrageous prices for tiny bits, services shutting down on short notices if they dont make money anymore (atleast opensource it or hand it to the community), data gathering about its users to a huge extent (with the mind to tailor IAP to your likings for then to share with 3rd party partners). Its a sad thing only made up to feed the capitalist crocodiles more and more and more, its called greed and it has the gaming industry written all over it). And we all chip inn for the ride Standard smile

With that being said I dont think its going to change anytime soon so better just make the best of it, so far this game has been fairly decent towards free players, hope it stayes like that Standard smile
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Re: Gem cost increase

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Well the vault was $139 last week and $169 today. I already played around with the currency conversions and that doesn't seem to be the issue.


I agree that the f2p model in this game is far far less obnoxious then in many others. But an Auroduim data pack now costs around $33 (for me) and that is for a random 3 or 4 star character. I would never spend gems on those packs at this stage, I just like being able to purchase shipments or energy refills.


Of course we are all guilty of encouraging these new gaming models (we're all cogs in the machine after all) , however I do also support my fair share of independent games. I like to delude myself that I am at least providing some amount of balance to the gaming universe.

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Re: Gem cost increase

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Ouch thats a pretty steep increase on already expensive gems. But isnt it very close to what other games also charge for their most expensive packs?

Im sure someone picks it up tho, I dont mind spending a little (still prefer one time fee, but that requires developers to design the games a bit different) as long as its F2P but twice the amount a brand new game would cost you and you'd have 4 maybe 5 rented heroes for as long as developer allows you to on a game that eventually will be chopped.. meh! someone else can do that if they please Standard smile
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Re: Gem cost increase

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That's some serious inflation and I wouldn't even consider making purchases at those prices. I'm in the United States. The currency conversion price today for the vault is $110.

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Re: Gem cost increase

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Doesn't seem to have changed for me - It's 100 euro plus 9.60 Euro VAT  so about $125USD. That's what it's been since I got the game.


I suspect that once it's released in the US officially it'll drop to $99.99 (+tax) in the US but who knows maybe they'll keep the Euro pricing and hope no one notices the extra 10% Sick


What currency are you buying in?

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Re: Gem cost increase

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I'm buying in AU dollars


its $145.45 plus $14.54 GST . That's 104.85 Euro after conversion, which sounds about right based on your price. However, like i said previously it was $129 for me (verified based on my purchase 2nd OCT).


So confused.



EDIT: Had my previous amounts out by a factor of 10.

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Re: Gem cost increase

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I didn't notice any price change beside the usual fluctuation in conversion rate though...

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