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Re: Garage Limit

by Unicomessina

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Garage Limit

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I really hope that NFS learned from their last game that we need an unlimited garage capacity or have a warehouse to store as many cars as we want along with the usual 5 cars in your main garage. Is there anyone that can confirm this?? It kills me in Need For Speed 2015 when I have to sell some of my creations just to make room for new cars. I want to be able to create the ultimate garage and collect every single car in the game.

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Re: Garage Limit

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Hi, That was why I myself did not get NFS 2015. In Payback there are now 5 types of cars so I believe that there will be more garage space or no limits whatsoever. Honestly I would buy the game only if it had unlimited garage space.

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Re: Garage Limit

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I advise you to wait for EA Play 2017 and more info in the coming months, I do not have the slightest intention of making digital pre-order. I was disappointed by NFS2015 unfortunately, and I will not make the same mistake..

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Re: Garage Limit

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So what was mentioned at EA Play was that you will have a 5 car garage but then you will also have a limitless warehouse similar to NFS 2015, so there IS NOT a limit in NFS Payback

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Re: Garage Limit

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Actually EA has confirmed that there will be unlimted garage space, they admitted that they did a mistake with the last game. But still they havent said too much about the new game, etc we dont know what the MP would be like. Except from that it probaly will be online sessions, but i think the best is too wait for Gamescom because there they will reveal rest of the secrets.

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Re: Garage Limit

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they confirmed at EA Play that there is unlimited garage space. 

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Re: Garage Limit

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@144sxKTM  Good news...N.F.S. Payback has a unlimted garage and a wonderful full editor in the Customization department're gonna like it!


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