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Re: Gar Saxon - first character in game with only 2 abilities?

by Spirulina999

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Gar Saxon - first character in game with only 2 abilities?

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Gar Saxon - first character in game with only two abilities.
When you did not (!!!!) use Gar Saxon as leader - because ONLY ONE useability is for countering, when you not use him as leader, he will have ONLY 2 abilities!!!!
His ability "Vicerouy´s Vengeance"  is useable ONLY when he is a leader and grants other empire alies counter - I think all abilities in game are leader bonus independent, this is NOT.
Why rebel and resistance characters have multiability leaders, where you have to use rolldown to read about this - and Gar Saxon, made only for counter - and nothink else, have only 50% counter chance and 40% defense? For example Finn gives 60% defense, 30% ofense and Advantage, Expose, turn meter, "Dark lord" Wedge Antilles gives 30% ofense, turn meter and heal, heal, heal from enemy death and pain...etc - but NO OTHER has abilities which are depens if they are leader or not. ONLY Gar Saxon...WHY?
I think solution of these injustice should be make Gar Saxon "Mandalorian Retaliation" leader ability as UNIQUE ability - same as you can see for example on Chirrut Imwe with his "Resolute Endurance" ability, which gives passively advantage for all Rebel alies - without he must be leader.  Same Casian Andor, R2D2, Logray, Amily Holdo.........and many many many other light side characters.
So why not empire? If you do this LOGICAL change and make from "Mandalorian Retaliation" l unique ability, then will empire squad be a little stronger if combine with other leader abilities, but still not so strong as average rebel or resistance squads. For example if will be used as leader Darth Vader with unique ability of Saxon - Finn alone as leader will give same advantage (40% defense, 30% ofense - to 60%, 30 ofense) - and with combine with other multialies ablities from other alies, this sqad will be still stronger - so why not solve as I suggest?
Or is really need, that light side must be much much much stronger than empire? Or is reallly need to have a character which must be used only as leader - otherwise he does not make sense?
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Re: Gar Saxon - first character in game with only 2 abilities?

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Thanks for this observation, I like Gar for his pilot and combo with Super duper Storm Trooper characteristics. He is slow to farm and hard to justify when the abilities are so limited. Gauntlet Starfighter isn't the best, but I need every dark side ship for events. Empire needs to BE the Empire, or why would Rebels need skills?
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Re: Gar Saxon - first character in game with only 2 abilities?

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Rebels are much much much better than empire. Only one empire character - Admiral Thrawn from stupid animated series - can compete with rebel characters - other characters NOT. If you will made any empire squad with gold gear levels and best improvements you can find, yet they have zero chance compete Comander Luke with R2D2 and random other rebels with poor quallity. NO chance. AND not only CLS - if you will look at Wedge, Bigs, Chirrout, Baze - all are much better than most empire characters.


Core story of Star Wars (Epizode 4-6) by EA should be:


Epizode 4 - not exist. It should be enough to meet in the story of Rogue One: Wedge, Bigs, Chirrout, Baze and R2D2 - and all empire forces will be destroyed in 10 minutes. More precisely fight will take 2 minutes and 8 minutes they will think about what to do for lunch....finito, ende.


Epizode 5 - same, not exist


Epizode 6 - exist, because it is need to show how are Luke Skywalker and Han Solo awesome - so it will be reality show from their privacy and at the end of the show will be evaluated by a special jury that the most awesome is R2D2 - strong as tank, fast as attacker, high potency and tenacity with incredible support and killing stun, which is an unbelievable performance on a can without a proper weapon.


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