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Re: Games a joke P2W

by BattaIia

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Games a joke P2W

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Trust me when I say this games a joke. It’s the worst P2W mobile game I have played in awhile. At the start it wasn’t bad, but the gap between skill and just money is pretty bad.  When the person you playing against has maxed out units and all of them unlocked so they always get the newest unit out while your stuck behind paid doors, it’s pretty sad. 


I understand those who pay cash should have alittle bit of an advantage. But when you in bronze league and ur playing a guy who it already lvl 50 and dropping max lvl units. There’s a bit of an issue. I managed to get up to plat. Without paying finally, with skill. But now it’s just continually playing people who have access to all units and can sink 300-400$ into this game. Mostly streamers or people who have cash to burn. 


But like myself and friends this game will be dead within a year like all P/W games that focus on those who pay and don’t. Which always ends up with the game dying and no one playing anymore. 

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Re: Games a joke P2W

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I don't know how you come to this I didn't pay and I already lv60 and with a bunch of lv10 units. It's really not p2w but people played since the game launched definitely has large advantage over those who newly come to play. And this often gives the false impression of p2w as you can pay to accelerate and you think they all did that but it's not the case.

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Re: Games a joke P2W

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u cant win with your lvl 10 units against a skilled lvl 11/12 unit lvl player so how about u stop talking * u EA bot
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Re: Games a joke P2W

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Embarrassed I often lose to low lvl and still stuck at diamond with lvl cap at 11

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Re: Games a joke P2W

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than go watch replays - a lot because u are doing something fundamentaly wrong. i am dimond 1 with lvl 9 units
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Re: Games a joke P2W

★★★ Guide
It boggles the mind how EVERYONE thinks that they are the only free to play player out there and everyone else who beat them with levels must have paid hundreds of dollars. Odds are, 49/50 times that other guy is free to play and thinking the same thing about you as you win.

But I'll let you in on a little secret: You can spot people who have paid for colossal crates by their EPIC rarity level units. IF their epics (purple) cards are higher than the rest of their army, they have bought their levels. Why? Because colossal crates have an emphasis on epic cards where as all the other crates that free to play players get access to do not. So free to play players epic units tend to lag behind the rest of their army. So if their rares and commons are 8's and 9's but their epic is +1 to the rest, you know what they did =)

So there ya go, do with that knowledge what you will, but you will soon realize the amount of people paying is a lot less than you think. Odds are, that other person is just another free to play player that started before you and is struggling harder to climb than you are, which is why you met. So identify their strategy, counter it, and claim the W.
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Re: Games a joke P2W

★★ Apprentice

Here let me open the door for you

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Re: Games a joke P2W

★★★★ Novice

It takes time or money (real one) to grow the deck. I find my alliance always have newly joined players and they quit the game after a week. 


If you play seriously, it is not difficult to get into gold or platinum in a week or 2. But at that time, their units may be only level 7 (or even 6), while the level cap is 9/10. It is easy to have matches against leisure players not getting higher rank because of their few matches, or less skillful players having high level unit as they start the game early or paid for them. I also see players dodging to raise the legue by intentional loss to keep a lower league for better rewards in events.


I think it needs too much patient to wait for cards/money to grow the deck for new players. Another problem is that when you unlock certain card when you reach the level, it start from no card on hand and level 1/3/5. You need to wait for long time before you grow them up to be competitive to be in the squad. I think it need more reward for lower leagues / level gain to keep the new players.

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Re: Games a joke P2W

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There are many game companies looking to feed off of people like Vampires. People who paid anything in this game should get their money back. Im sick to death of loot crates and microtransactions. I made that very clear last week in my letters to my Attorney General, my Senators, and my Representative. When the FTC asks the public about their opinions on these blatant cash grabs, speak out. I can guarantee you ill be making a fuss. People who run major corporations become delusional frequently. They think they and the company are untouchable. Take a look at the breakup of AT&T. Take a look at the charges the government has brought against Facebook. Another filthy thing I dont allow in my home. None of their products or services. In days of old, Armys used seige tactics. Surrounding the enemy and starving them out. Together, people around the world can employ this same tactic. Dont give any of them your money, starve them out. I cant wait until I can chalk up all these companies with diagnosis of Failure to Thrive. In the world of medicine of which I am a part of, this means impending death. If this could be applied to a corporation, it would mean dissolution and liquidation.
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Re: Games a joke P2W

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★ Guide

AliciaDestiny, a F2P player, who has skill in excess, has been rank 1 for multiple seasons in a row now.


Me, a F2P player, who understands that YOU CAN ACTUALLY REPOSITION YOUR UNITS INSTEAD OF SUICIDING THEM INTO BAD MATCHUPS, has reached tib league once.




Is this game pay to win? Yes. Yes it is.


But can you still climb high even without spending money? Yes. Yes you can.


Are "whales" (people who spend an absurd amount of money on the game and have lvl 15 units already) degenerates? Yes. Yes they are.


Piece out.

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