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Re: Gameplay finesse shots

by HasanAjouz

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Gameplay finesse shots

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Would really like to see more error on finesse shots every shot just can't be going in that's ridiculous 

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Re: Gameplay finesse shots

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@EA_Cade please note this.

No one should be able to score outside of the box almost every time.

Since ai defending is toned down, this should be toned down as well.

Add more errors on all shots outside of the box. That'd be more realistic.

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Re: Gameplay finesse shots

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I totally agree with everything said here so far. Finesse shots are a complete and utter joke in Fifa 19. Every finesse shot going goes past the keeper on his far side top corner.


I just lost a game 3-0 to a player who could not break my defense down, instead, this player took 3 finesse shots from outside the area with an 81 rated player and every single shot went past 91 De Gea on the far side of the goal top corner, all 270 degree curling high shots. This completely ruins the game and turns it into an unrealistic joke in my opinion.


There are so many things wrong with this game but what they have done is remove pace, give everyone concrete boots and instead of pace they have replaced it with out of this world finesse shots that are impossible to save. As soon as an attacking player is near the edge of the area you might as well just put your controller down a watch the finesse goal go screaming in.


I used to love this game, but this version is horrible to put it mildly. For me, this version has to be one of the worst i have played to date. It could have been so so good but they have messed around with too many things that were not broken in the first place. The EA staff in the ideas office need to follow rule number one 'IF IT ISN'T BROKE THEN LEAVE IT ALONE AND DON'T MEDDLE WITH IT'. 


When i read the update the other day saying there was a game update and the finesse shots had been made less easy to score, i thought yes at last a more realistic game. Sadly if the dial was turned up to 100 for finesse shots then it looks like the lowering of it meant they only turned the dial down to 99.


Every time I switch this game on i am hoping for an update to put the problems right, however, in truth I now find myself going back to Fifa 18 as it is much more fun to play for me.

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Re: Gameplay finesse shots

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Agree with those above on this:


For comparison EPL Stats for 2017/2018



Goals from outside the box



* Unfortunately there's no shot's from outside the box stat available on which would provide  better comparison


I'd like to add the number of shots that hit the woodwork is not accurately represented in the game:


ShotsShots hitting the woodwork%


I regularly hit the woodwork, practically every game

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Re: Gameplay finesse shots

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Really someone should make this post reach the public.
It is not acceptable how they didn't realize this yet.
almost 90% of messi's fitness shots out of the box are goals.

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Re: Gameplay finesse shots

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Re: Gameplay finesse shots

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they should fix it soon.
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Re: Gameplay finesse shots

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Re: Gameplay finesse shots

Community Manager

@him7403 Been out of office for the Thansgiving Holidays so apologies that this is a bit late. I'm compiling feedback right now for the FIFA team so keep it coming if you've got it! 👊

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Re: Gameplay finesse shots

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@EA_Cade Here are some videos which I compiled from reddit.


Please make the players leg as solid object, I hate to see the ball going through the defenders leg. Sometimes when you take a shot, it's destined to to the goal defying the laws of physics..


And sometimes the ball will not go in no matter how you try!


Not able to switch player sometimes:


And can anyone tell me what happened in these games?

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