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Gameplay Frustrations

by Nuvraught

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Gameplay Frustrations

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I probably wont be making many more posts here. But I just wanted to leave saying that as i level up and get higher rank im noticing my opponents are getting much more difficult to beat. im xcurrently only level 4 and from time to time i seen obelisks and rock worm things that are pretty hard to break through before the missile fires and its getting a little frustrating in general when the enemy overwhelms the platforms and i cant do anything in time. the game is still fun but its also getting a bit more frustrating and the sudden change from vs easy players to much harder players makes the game less pleasant to play lol.

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Re: Gameplay Frustrations

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I'm having trouble as well.... I've faced GDI enemies units that have 2 superior units. I haven't won against someone that has zone toopers and titans at the same time. I've lost about 15 times and I can't even complete the daily challenge. I only one superior unit epic vehicle the sandstorm

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Re: Gameplay Frustrations

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time to pony up. This is what this game is all about. Stop complaining and give them your money if you want to win.
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Re: Gameplay Frustrations

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Obelisk and all Tech Lab units cost upwards of 100 tiberium so they are generally very powerful units to make up for their cost. However, the weakness of these expensive units tends to be that they are very specialized in their role and they also always have a very direct and inexpensive counter.


For example, the Obelisk is weak against lots of Infantry (because its laser shot kills only 1 member of your squad at a time) and Air units (can't hit them). Send vehicles against an Obelisk though and it'll get eaten up for breakfast. A single Obelisk can easily take down 2-3 Predator tanks just on its own. Meanwhile, Zone Troopers are weak against your standard Riflemen and Titans are terrible against Missile Squads and Air units.


The real trouble comes when a savvy player protects the weaknesses of their expensive units. So someone building an Obelisk might expect you to build infantry, so he might pre-emptively build Flame Troopers to protect his Obelisk. Another classic example is the Cyborg with Confessors combo. Cyborgs are good against vehicles. Confessors are good against infantry. They protect each others weaknesses, making for a devastating 1-2 punch.


When faced against this situation, there is no longer a true counter against these kinds of combo armies except to use your own combo armies and out-position the enemy. Your hero ability and harvester harassment add to the options you can use to gain an advantage for your side. The game generally boils down to a race towards setting up your "combo" before the enemy can setup his.


Good luck!

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