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Gamemode for casuals?

by DMWanderer

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Gamemode for casuals?

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After about a year, I picked the game back up and noticed a lot of people have allot of the same problems. We'll call them the "competitively challenged".


Basically, their problem is that they lose medals when they lose a match...ok. Obviously nothing can be done here because if nobody lost medals, everyone would be in the new Tiberium rank.


So here, how about a Quick play mode that matches you with other players regardless of rank or level and doesn't adjust your unit levels or medal count after.


Pros could use this to test out new deck combinations.

Less gifted individuals can have a place to practice.

And everyone can enjoy the game.

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Re: Gamemode for casuals?

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A simple test range with dynamic leveled bots would work the same with the added bonus of not taxing the servers more than normal.


Something feels off to me about matching up online without any real stakes.



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Re: Gamemode for casuals?

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Just as a practice of sorts. Playing against bots won't get you the same experience as an actual human. Humans go deep with their strategy, it's one of our best traits. A Quick play mode would be a great way to practice or warm up before an actual competitive match.
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Re: Gamemode for casuals?

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Some time after my last post and logging out I thought about it and you definitely are right - a bot, no matter how well-scripted they are, can't hold a flame to a humans unpredictability

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