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Re: Game feedback

by nickjdunn

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Re: Game feedback

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I totally agree with everyone on the timers, they are far far to long!   I just started playing the sims mobile today and already feel the timers will be the death of the game.  I have had a hankering to play the sims so bad the last week and fired up TS4 on my pc and really love it but cant take it with me and once I saw Mobile was released I decided to give it a try.  I have tried sims freeplay and honestly it was a joke and abandoned it quickly.  Mobile has alot of potential and love that real world sims walk among AI characters.  I am creating a small list of things I would like to see with the top being of most importance, I hope suggestions are heavily considered because I really want to LOVE this game but im still in the like stages.


1. Drastically shorten energy timers, I'd actually like to see them removed so its similar to PC, either that or make more items that can replenish energy that can be found all over the world.

2. Add needs to the game, I enjoy taking care of my sims basic needs

3. Make it so we can queue up actions, at least 3

4. Add more customization to everything, Izzy is a nice addition so I hope to see more of that.


Please please I want to make this a game I can play for hours, not just play 5 minutes then have to wait hours to play again.

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