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by QubitsofLight

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Before and during the release of jedi night revan lightside you had ran mod bundles. All the mods had speed secondaries. Could you run those again for the people that missed purchasing them? For those who didn't purchase them. Like when you buy a bundle like aniken right now and after the purchase I can no longer buy that bundle again. You ran the bundles in sets of 3 or 5 multiple times before and during ls revan release. As someone who has spent the last 6 weeks farming speed mods and maxing refreshes to 200 crystals everyday and not getting a single gold mod with speed is ridiculous.. At least with mod bundles I know what I'm getting.

Also your numbers have dropped this year because you've added so much new content ie mod splicing as 1 for example without thinking about the conciquenses to the player. You haven't added any new resources for the player to draw from except their wallet. Also I recommend this game to a friend and I played it. It's to slow and takes forever. Don't make new players jump threw hoops. Let em log in and play at a decent speed. And give the new players more resources in galactic war or somewhere. The content is great and so is the game. And so are you guys!  Idk. Bring back the bundles. Lol. Have a nice day!!! 

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