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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

by MasterClockwork

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

★★ Novice

Command and Conquer has come a very long way through the years. RTS lovers like myself have grown to love the franchise and what we know and love so much about C&C is the ability to play through the campaign on both factions and let the story fold out. Ive been playing Rivals for awhile now, and the mechanics are great and so is the concept. But this game needs an extensive campeign to be largely successful. Yeah its great to be able to play aginst other people, but we need to be able to play against AI. I do not enjoy PvP only games. It isnt near as fun as being able to hone your skills through AI practice and have a story to follow and complete. Trust me, if you integrate a campaign into this game you will knock it out of the park! On top of that, the game as is would be MUCH more fun and addictive if players can play Rival AI players instead of solely human players. I know this is the alpha release and there will be much more game to come, and i may be jumping the gun. But please, for the love of Command and Conquer and hardcore players like myself, integrate a campaign and AI rivals play! It will be so much infinitely better of a game and be a gamechanger for mobile gaming. 

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

★★★★ Novice
So far earlier in the day the matching was decent slightly back and forth on my medals or theirs being higher. But tonight it has been bad matching me with someone 200 medals over me and units I have never seen on every match.
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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

★★★★ Newbie

Make 2 loadout phases
With phase 1 being matching with someone and map being locked it
And with phase 2 picking the right deck


Allow for offline stories and adventuring that will get more people to play the game when no internet is available, no need to make the offline affect the online play


Don't make any card or combination unique to anyone, make it a battle of in-game outwittingness not I had a better luck with better cards so you loose.


Also when a game is won, give rewards like 3 cards, but when lost also a reward but only pick 1 of the 3 cards. This shouldn't be a pay to win or more luck to enjoy the game. However if you really want to win and climb up fast then I find nothing wrong with paying
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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

★★★★ Novice

So, I have been trying to just play on and call it good, however i strongly feel that the "Rock Worm" unit has been way underpowered for how slowly it moves across the battlefield. It can't really do what it's designed to do crawling at the speed of smell. I understand that burrowing down is a process but couldn't they move a little faster once under ground? Anyone else have this issue? Or does anyone think they can help me use mine better somehow?

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

★★★★★ Newbie

Sandstorm in rockworm way too overpowered! Especially the sandstorm! The last three fights I've been in have all been losses because people are spamming Sandstorm and there's no way to counter them regardless of what units I have or don't have. And then once they get combo with the jet Troopers there's no stopping anybody it's the ultimate win. You need to need the hell out of the sandstorm and rockworm. They need lower damage and increased cost. The last three matches I played, I lost to sandstorm being spammed on me.

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

★★★★★ Apprentice

I love the core gameplay of Rivals. It's fast-paced action on a small scale, while still maintaining strategy and tactics. However, despite the amount of time I've spent and fun I've had I'm pretty close to uninstalling it for good. I think the card system is going to kill this game, it's way too random.


I have gotten enough cards to get a Scarab to level 8, and almost enough for the Talon. But I don't care, I don't use those units. My riflemen were up to level 7 about a week ago. I've only gotten 50 or so cards since from crates, and I'm getting about 4-6 crates a day through supply convoys, bounties, completing zones, and the free crates. Meanwhile, the opponents I'm matching against have level 8 riflemen, level 7 flame troopers, level 8 Predators, etc. I don't even have enough cards to level up my Predators to 7, they're still stuck on 6. The stat gap is so large there are times where I simply can't compete. It's gotten to the point where I either can't win unless my opponent makes a mistake or any mistakes I make are magnified into a loss through disparate unit stats.


Either there needs to be a new system to replace the cards or it needs to be easier to get the ones you want. You can use two or so missile squads to keep attack buggies at bay if you happened to go infantry while your opponent went vehicles. But you can't do that when your missile squads are level 6 and the attack buggies are level 8. Also, I can't even play with Nod and use epic units. I have only gotten artillery cards through buying them from the store, and I haven't even gotten enough in any other units to get to level 6. Meanwhile, all of my epic GDI units are at level 7 or almost at level 6. The stratagies I can use and the units I can run with are being limited by the card system.


I had a lot of fun playing at the lower levels, but my bad luck with card drops has killed all the fun in the game for me. If I want to play a strategy game where I'm handicapped I'll go play Star Craft or one of the old C&C games where the increased depth of strategy and tactics gives me a fighting chance. This can't work for a mobile game.

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

★★★★★ Newbie

I've noticed that there is no real early counter for tank swarming. If someone attacks with a bunch of tanks then you can't counter it unless you have tanks yourself.

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

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Please, for the love of god, fix matchmaking already. This game is already horribly unbalanced with the difference in unit types that makes this more of a game of rock, paper, scissors than a decent rts. It is not helped that progression is both random luck of the draw AND locked behind leveling through earning points through wins. Points that are a lot harder to earn when people are consistently matched with those ranks above them.


Look I don't expect to win every match, but I don't expect to loose several games in a row either. It would one thing if I was just being outplayed by good strategy, but more often than not it's because I'm being outclassed.


This game is broken in ways that almost feels like its encouraging the use of a microtransactions to speed up progression and gain whatever advantage one can. If these are not fixed by the time the game fully launches then I'm done. I'm not going bother broken game where people can pay to win.


I'm sure others have already lost patience with how the progression system works and quit, expect many more to drop because they can't rank up and unlock cards from losing match after match.

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

★★★★★ Novice

I definitely fear for what will happen when we are able to put down money for this game. There will always be people who will put down a ton of money and run roughshod over those who can't afford to pay to win. 


EA, maybe the game should just be a one-time payment? Just charge us 5 bucks for the game and call it a day. You're going to have endless complaints about pay-to-win on your hands.

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Re: Game Balance and Matchmaking - We want your feedback!

★★★★ Novice

Nod feels like absolute trash right now compared to GDI. There is this odd massive focus on anti-infantry, but not well balanced when dealing with strong vehicles and aerial units. It's impossible to have a squad selection that can successfully counter every scenario causing massive gaps in defense and poor offensive capability. 

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