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Fut rivals unfair games

by trmj2001

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Fut rivals unfair games

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Ok Im probably not the first or last to complain about the rivals game mode and how it matches you to an opponent, if my skill level is average and my team is a 84 rated team why am I being matched with teams that are over powered in the 86-90 range? How am I ment to move up divisions when my whole team stand about scratching their heads thinking what to do they never move towards the ball when receiving a pass or run onto a loose ball my defenders just stand about most my team give away stupid penalties, previous FIFA's used to match you with similar skill level players I used to be able to get to division 4 or 3 now Ive been relegated from division 6 to division 8 all because I'm getting paired with over the top teams

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Re: Fut rivals unfair games

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I’m glad you bring that up. They never move towards the ball to receive the pass they just stand there wait till the ball get to them next thing you know the opponent just take the ball EA needs to fix that.

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Re: Fut rivals unfair games

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I find that this happens with all the FIFA's they need to also bring back the different defence options in setting ie you can choose either tactical or legacy I prefer the old way of tackling but now it's tactical which seems to give away far to many penalties
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