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Re: Furniture keeps breaking down

by DBrick01

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Re: Furniture keeps breaking down

★ Apprentice

It. The couch you were rewarded with from the Luxury Event is the one breaking down for astronomical amounts of simoleans. After the first time that happened to me, I never used it again during events. It’s really there now to look nice bc it’s not being used. Kind of sucks when you win these things and can’t use them. 

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Re: Furniture keeps breaking down

★★★ Apprentice

The more expensive furniture looks good but the repair cost is a big NO.

My couch never breaks down.

I am happy certain items never breakdown while others (like my dance floor) always breaks down.

With my dance floor, you never know until you tap on it.

I started doing alot of relationship events and did noticed the repair bill increased.

Got to have a reason to send your Sims to work. Wink

No mortgage payment; repair bills instead.


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