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Re: Free to play weekend?

by EA_Blueberry

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Free to play weekend?

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Is there going to be a free to play weekend any time soon. I have been iffy on buying battlefield 5 for awhile. I feel by adding a free to play weekend would allow players who are iffy on buying the game to try it out. This would help show how far the game has came since beta. 

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Re: Free to play weekend?

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Hello @LegendaryErebus

There were never free weekend to play on any Battlefield game so i dont think that it will happend with Battlefield V

Watch some videos on YouTube about Battlefield V (TheBrokenMachine, Westie, JackFrags and others...)

If you are PC player, you can try 10 Hours trial of Battlefield V

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Re: Free to play weekend?

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If you have a decent computer you can always do a 10 hour trial through origin; you should be able to play the full game if I'm not mistaken.


If you're limited to console you can either gameshare, playshare, or wait for a door crasher sale - Battlefield titles can have massive drops in price for various reasons and if you wait long enough, you can even snag stuff for free. I don't remember there ever being a free weekend like with other titles, if there sete they'd be super far and few between, unfortunately.

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Re: Free to play weekend?

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Origin Insider gave away a month of Origin Access a while back as a giveaway, so be sure to follow them if you're interested in potential giveaways in the future. 


Origin Insider on Twitter


Origin Access is available in monthly or yearly memberships.


With Origin Access you'll get to experience 10 hours of BFV.

With Origin Access "Premier" you'll get unlimited access to BFV as long as you have an active membership. 


You could always jump in to play the game and if it didn't meet your expectations, a month of Origin Access will give you access to a library of others games you can give a try. Thanks for playing EA games, too!

Origin Access FAQ


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